Why You Should Choose The Breakie Bunch for Daycare

a baby hovering over a puzzle

When your child is away from home, you want them to not only be in a safe and trusted environment but a space that will encourage and foster their development. Quality matters when it comes to child care. We understand that finding the right daycare center is crucial, and you are searching for a place that gives you peace of mind while your child is away. After all, child care may serve as one of your child’s first external experiences with routine and structured socialization.

As children approach the start of preschool, having previous experience in a daycare center can give them a leg up when in class. Our daycare center encourages children to expand their social circle by interacting with teachers and other children, enhancing their social development. Whether it’s social development or language development, The Breakie Bunch will make sure your child is on task for hitting all of their critical developmental milestones.


Child Care Services at The Breakie Bunch

The Breakie Bunch Learning Center strives to provide families with an environment that is safe, clean, and so loving that it feels like your child’s second home. Our quality daycare service will give you the assurance that your child is being adequately cared for and nurtured while you’re away. We seek to educate children based on their specific age group and individual needs.

Our convenient locations in Goodrich and Waterford offer a variety of child care services:

  • Infant care
  • Preschool classes
  • Daycare and after school services
  • Preschool preparation
  • Summer camp


Our child care service provides a fun and educational curriculum that supports every child’s developmental stages. With this variety of services and class offerings, our daycare center supports children from infancy through preschool. No matter what concerns or questions you might have, we always encourage you to talk to your childcare provider.


Infant Care

Early childhood development starts at infancy, and that’s why our caregivers strive to engage infants through reading, playing, and singing. Our daycare center provides an excellent atmosphere for infants to grow and develop while building their language skills, motor skills, and social skills. We understand that each child will have their individual and unique set of needs, which is why we pride ourselves in adapting our classroom programs to give your child all of the attention and support they need to grow.

Picking a daycare center can be a long, tedious process, but there is nothing better than having peace of mind when dropping off your child at your trusted daycare center. If you need help getting started, check out these questions to ask your daycare center when you start shopping around for child care services.

Preschool kid coloring.

Preparing for Preschool

In early childhood, your children’s daily activities and interactions become crucial for their development, especially their social and emotional growth. When it comes to preparing your child for preschool, consider placing them in a child care center that focuses on the necessary development milestones.

Some of the developmental functions we focus on at The Breakie Bunch include:

  • Social skills
  • Language development
  • Emotional competence
  • Cognitive development
  • Physical health


A daycare center provides young children with an environment similar to preschool, where they communicate and interact with other children. Preparing your child for preschool may come in many different forms, including playtime. Children’s playtime encourages social interaction and encourages children to work on learning sharing and cooperation skills.

The sooner your child can establish positive interactions with other children, the better, especially when preparing for a preschool where children may be in a classroom setting for most of the day. Even small group activities can have a significant impact on your child’s development. Learn more about why group activities are essential for preschool and preschool preparation.

Another benefit of sending your child to a daycare center is the establishment of routine that this provides. With a learning atmosphere similar to a classroom, children will learn, play, eat, and nap. These routines can help make for a smoother transition to a classroom setting.

When it comes time to pick a preschool, consider the activities that the school offers that might help build socialization and other developmental skills for your child.


Preschool Classes

The Breakie Bunch provides an enriching environment for preschool classes. In preschool, children are encouraged to be adventurous, creative, and problem solvers. A variety of activities, including hands-on learning, are introduced to our preschool students. These activities seek to help them advance educationally while still having fun.

Our curriculum features a variety of learning subjects:

  • English Language Acquisition
  • The Arts
  • Science and Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Reading and Writing Literacy

We encourage you to see what the hype is about! Learn more about the educational offerings and other perks of our preschool classes available in both Goodrich and Waterford locations.


Summer Camp

Kids who are used to being in school or daycare can become restless in the summertime. Summer camp is the perfect getaway for energetic children to explore, imagine, and create. This summer getaway is available at our Goodrich and Waterford locations, so they are close and convenient for parents, too. Our summer camp services include so many different fun events that include bounce houses, water splashing, and even live animals. The best part about our summer camp services is that they are not just for the warm months. We also offer day camp care on snow days and other school breaks.


Goodrich and Waterford Locations

The Breakie Bunch offers various daycare and class services at two convenient locations: Goodrich and Waterford. If you live or work in the surrounding area, you know how much these locations have to offer. Both our Goodrich and Waterford locations offer 24-hour security surveillance, so no matter how far or near you have to travel, you have peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and protected.

There are plenty of family-fun activities in the areas surrounding the Goodrich daycare location, from parks to play centers. Our Goodrich, a child care center, is just minutes away from us. Check out these three places to enjoy family-fun near the Goodrich area.