Who We Are as a Child Care Center:

Here at the Breakie Bunch Learning Center, we’re committed to providing quality childcare for your children by maintaining a safe environment, employing an educated staff, building meaningful relationships with our families, and offering a fun learning environment for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and our summer campers.


What We Offer for Day Care and Preschool:

At the Breakie Bunch, we know that each child is unique, so we have specially designed classes for each age range that will allow your child to be engaged through age-appropriate activities for playing, reading, singing, or talking.


Infant: 6 Weeks – 1 Year

Perfect for children aged six weeks to one-year-old, our infant classrooms focus on a great line of communication between parents and our teachers. We use an app called Tadpoles, which makes communication instantaneous and more thorough than ever before. Not only do we log your child’s sleeping and eating schedules, but our teachers also periodically send photos of your child throughout the day.


Young Toddler: Ages 1-2

Around age one, we move children up from our infant class to the young toddler rooms, because at this age, they’re out of the baby phase and ready for a little more routine. Our highly trained teachers begin to introduce a reliable schedule into our young toddler’s lives, getting them used to eating lunch and snacks together as a group, and doing other learning activities in the same order each day. We take great pride in allowing our young toddlers the ability to explore the world around them while gaining a little more independence.


Toddler: Ages 2-3

Toddlers are generally curious and full of energy! We love to harness that energy into curriculum and activities that help them learn and grow. Our primary focus at this age is getting your toddler ready for preschool, which means working on social skills and emotion management. We also begin to introduce toddlers to Spanish and start potty-training!


Preschool Prep: Ages 3-4

Preschool Prep at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center is all about preparing your child for school, by highlighting five key areas of school-readiness:

  • Literacy
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Math
  • Science
  • Physical health


We want to expose your child to a variety of activities that not only prepares them for school but provides them with a sense of independence. Our teachers want to ensure that every child is getting what support they need in individual and group time. We provide one-on-one time to adapt lessons to fit your child’s needs and group time for story-times, group activities, and more.


Preschool: Ages 4-5

Our preschool program encourages children to learn, explore, create, and problem-solve with all the confidence in the world. We touch on many of the same subjects from our preschool prep class but take it a step further to make sure the jump from preschool to Kindergarten is as smooth as possible. We dig a little deeper into all the skills that will make your child’s first year of school a success!


Summer Camp: Ages 5-12

In addition to our year-round daycare and preschool classes, we also provide an excellent summer camp for school-aged children that need somewhere to learn and grow each summer. We have weekly themes and always plan fun surprise events for campers, like live animals, water play, and so much more! We offer flexible scheduling options during summer camp!


Why Breakie Bunch Learning Center?

Located in Waterford, Michigan, we’re conveniently located just minutes from many Metro Detroit cities like Clarkston, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, and more! We offer flexible schedules and convenient hours and are even open to help with childcare on snow days and public-school holidays.


Check out what our families have to say about the Breakie Bunch Learning Center:

“Since day one, I wasn’t too keen on sending my son Mason to daycare, but since getting a new full-time job in September, enrolling him in The Breakie Bunch was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made! Mason loves all of the teachers here, and he has learned so much, it’s mind-blowing! From sign language to the imagination he has gained, I’m so happy with this center. Laura has done a great job as director, and I recommend The Breakie Bunch to all my friends who are in search of a daycare. We couldn’t be happier here.”


“Great daycare center in Waterford MI. The center offers a lot of great things, starting with programs that come in for the children such as amazing athletics, or gymnastics. The playground is COMPLETELY fenced in!!! They teach sign language and Spanish to the kids too! There are field trips for the kids, and even events for the adults.”