Our Mission

The mission of The Breakie Bunch Learning Center is to provide our families with a safe, clean, loving, and educational childcare center that becomes your child’s home away from home. We want your children to feel comfortable with our daycare teachers and staff, and we hope you do, too!


Waterford Daycare Location

Goodrich Daycare Location


How We Got Started

Laura Breakie, the owner of The Breakie Bunch Learning Center, has worked in childcare for most of her life, beginning as a teen. From there, she earned a degree in Early Childhood Development and Business Administration in college. In 2008, Laura opened her first in-home location, The Breakie Bunch, a nod to the nickname her family had growing up.

As a working parent herself, Laura knows the struggles involved with juggling a job, being a spouse, and raising kids! Plus, she has a unique understanding of how hard it can be to leave your kids at a childcare center each day, which is why she takes pride in creating a safe, loving atmosphere at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center. Along with her staff and highly trained teachers, Laura hopes that you see The Breakie Bunch as more than a childcare facility and see it as your child’s home away from home.


A Commitment to Quality Childcare

At the Breakie Bunch Learning Center, we’re committed to quality.

What Quality Childcare Means to Us:

  • A safe, comfortable environment
  • Meaningful relationships with students and their families
  • Employing an educated, trustworthy staff
  • Cultivating a fun learning environment


Why the Breakie Bunch Learning Center?

Learning Through Play

We strongly believe that our play-based curriculum is a game-changer for young children who are just beginning to explore the world around them. Our teachers and staff love to see learning take place through the simplest activities; often, the child doesn’t even realize they’re learning.


Qualified Teachers

Each of our teachers is experienced, loving, and creative. They each strive to continue their education through ongoing professional development and training throughout the year, and each has at least an associate degree in early childhood education. Our teachers are an extension of our Breakie Bunch family and are here to support your child as they grow and learn each day.



We’re fortunate to have the best families at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center. We love every one of them, and it’s an honor to walk through life with them. Check out what some of our Breakie Bunch families had to say about their experiences with us:


“I chose this center because I felt my daughter would be safe and secure in this building, unlike other daycares I visited. She loves going to daycare and has made several new friends. I can see each day that she learns more and more. This center is personable too, the teachers who aren’t even assigned to her class know who both she and I are, I love that! We plan on keeping our daughter here through preschool.”


“We highly recommend The Breakie Bunch! We have been attending for almost two years and are very happy with the growth that we’ve seen in our children. When looking for childcare, you want someone who will look after them as you would, and that’s what we found at The Breakie Bunch. The director is always there to listen if I have concerns, willing to help if I need a schedule change, and is so down to earth. The teachers enjoy being there, treat my girls like their own, and are just the sweetest bunch around. I love love love the Tadpoles app! My 1-year-old says please and thank you in sign language and knows her body parts all because it’s the norm in class, she is constantly learning through play. They do science experiments and learn Spanish. I wouldn’t dream of trusting my girls with anyone else.