Our Four Favorite Infant Toy Subscription Boxes

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Are you tired of buying toys that your child loses interest in almost immediately? Toy subscription boxes are a great solution to keep your children enriched and entertained. From science, art, and geography, these infant subscription boxes will pique your baby’s interest and will contribute to early learning and development. Not only are toy subscription boxes helpful for your developing child, but they are also convenient. They free up time that you might have spent researching and shopping so you can spend more time with your baby.


Why We Love Subscription Boxes

Infant subscription boxes make playtime and learning easy for new parents. The excitement of receiving a new, different, curated box to your door is just as fun for infants as it is for parents. Infant subscription boxes save you time from researching the best toys for your child’s development. You’ll also reduce time spent shopping with infant subscription boxes sent right to your doorstep.

No matter which subscription box you choose, you can be sure that these goodies will keep your child entertained and educated while also adding some excitement by opening a mystery box each month.

Each of these subscription boxes takes a different approach to make learning and playtime fun:

  • KiwiCo – Project-based learning
  • Loveevery – Stage-based learning
  • Bluum Box – A little bit of everything
  • Little Fun Club – Book-focused


Infant subscription boxes are flexible. You can choose one brand for an extended period or try a different one each month. By keeping different subscription boxes on rotation, your infant child will never get bored with their toys. They’ll remain engaged and focused. These curated subscription boxes also make great gifts for new moms, infant babies, and toddler-aged kids.



If you’re looking for an infant subscription box focused on engaging your child with fun and educational projects, look no further than KiwiCoThis subscription service offers projects for every age, including infants. Whether your child is interested in science and tinkering, art and design, or geography and culture, the projects from KiwiCo contribute to early learning, beginning with infancy. KiwiCo inspires children to think outside of the box, explore their creativity, and become problem solvers at very young ages.

If you’re interested in trying KiwiCo, getting started is super simple:

  1. Choose the panda line for children ages 0-24 months.
  2. Expect infant subscription services to be shipped every other month.
  3. Enjoy spending time with your growing baby by playing with these curated toys.

KiwiCo offers eight different crate options that are age-focused—they even have a curated box that teens and adults can enjoy. The toys and methods used by KiwiCo are science-backed, so you know the toys you pick for your child are age-appropriate and based on research for their growth and development. Once you order your first KiwiCo, you can expect your infant subscription box to ship out to you within two days. Learn how you can get started with $10 off your KiwiCo Box.



If you are looking for a new way to keep your child entertained, Lovevery makes products for infants and toddlers that arrive at your doorstep at your preferred frequency. When it comes to picking toys, Lovevery goes above and beyond. They do all of the research, so you don’t have to. With a panel of diverse experts, the folks at Lovevery focus on the stage of your child’s learning, starting with infancy.


The play kits from Lovevery are designed with children in mind and focus on these essential parts of development:

  • Sensory
  • Exploration
  • Cognitive Development
  • Motor skills


Lovevery also carries building block kits, block sets, and a variety of other products. If you don’t want to commit to a subscription box, check out the individual toys by Lovevery, like this purposeful play gym, which encourages tummy time.

The high-quality infant subscription boxes are carefully crafted and made from sustainable materials. If you’re expecting, check out Lovevery’s registry to find a wide variety of products that will keep your child engaged from early infancy all the way to three-years-old. There are so many reasons to try the Lovevery subscription box and products, whether you’re gifting yourself or the loved ones in your life.

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Bluum Box

The Bluum Box is a response to the overwhelming task of finding the right toys for children. With so much exposure to information and choices, this infant subscription box simplifies the search for parents. Bluum Box is a monthly subscription service with a box of items that caters to both mom and baby. From as early as pregnancy, you can start receiving curated items in a goody box. The featured items in a Bluum Box range from toys, books, eating utensils, and other essentials. The Bluum team focuses on expert reviews to source and curate each specially crafted box while still offering you great value.


Little Fun Club

Though it’s not a toy-based subscription, Little Fun Club makes our list as an honorable mention. With adventurous books delivered to your doorstep every month, your child’s imagination can run wild, and you will never run out of bedtime stories again. To get started with Little Fun Club, you can choose the books that interest your child, or an expert can hand-select books based on your child’s preferences and age. You can receive your book in three different frequencies: monthly, every three months, or every six months.

If you want to switch up your monthly book, you can also choose a large puzzle set that is perfect for infants. While books and toys help to encourage creativity in children, there are other activities you can do at home to foster a creative environment.


Your Developing Infant

Books and toys from an infant subscription box help your infant interact by engaging them in an educational but fun activity. Just like you depend on these subscription services to provide well-researched products, you can also depend on The Breakie Bunch for your childcare needs. Our classroom focuses on bettering your child’s development from infant care, daycare services, and preschool classes.

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