Top 10 Questions to Ask About Preschool Curriculum

Kids in preschool.

Getting ready to send your child off to preschool is bittersweet. Whether you’re the parent crying and clinging to your child at preschool drop-off or the one practically pushing them through the door, everyone worries about their child in the care of others. A visit to grandma’s is one thing, but how can you trust strangers with your kid? As a parent, it’s super hard to let go, but finding a Michigan preschool curriculum that is the perfect fit for them can make sending them off a little less anxiety-inducing.

Don’t worry, Michigan has lots to offer. Waterford has 22 different preschools, while the community of Goodrich offers different levels of preschool depending on your child’s age. Is your little one not quite ready for preschool but definitely ready for some socialization? Check out our post on the most important questions to ask your childcare center because a daycare program could be perfect.

Our Top Questions to Bring to your Preschool Interviews

  1. Are the Preschool and Teachers Licensed
  2. What is the Preschool’s Philosophy?
  3. How does the Preschool Develop Their Curriculum?
  4. How does the School Involve Parents?
  5. How does the Preschool Monitor Student Growth?
  6. What is the Preschool’s Approach to Discipline?
  7. How does the School Improve Communication Skills?
  8. How does the School Approach Conflict and Problem-Solving Skills?
  9. What Type of Security does the Preschool have?
  10. How are Dietary Restrictions and Allergies Handled?


Preschool Teaching and Curriculum Questions

  • Are the Preschool and Teachers Licensed?

Since Michigan preschools are often privately owned, they don’t always have the same requirements as elementary, middle, and high schools when it comes to teacher qualifications. Just like you wouldn’t want someone without a license to teach you to drive, you wouldn’t want someone with no teaching experience educating your children.

Ask the school what qualities they look for in a teacher and what they require from them. The communities of Goodrich and Waterford fill their preschools with qualified and educated teachers.

  • What is the Preschool’s Philosophy?

The preschool’s philosophy is the school’s stance on children and what they need to grow and develop. The philosophy determines how they create their preschool curriculum, rules, and guidelines. Research the Michigan preschool’s philosophy before touring to see if it would be a good fit for your child. Some of the most common types of preschool philosophies are:

The school’s philosophy affects everything from the class size and learning style to whether it meets Michigan preschool standards.

  • How does the Preschool Develop Their Curriculum?

Does the teacher develop their own preschool curriculum? Or is it based on an existing curriculum? Knowing what your child will be learning allows you to help them learn at home, too.

Depending on where your preschooler is at developmentally, some Michigan preschool curriculums might be too challenging or too easy. Knowing the preschool curriculum will help you make sure you’re picking a school that will allow your child to thrive.

  • How does the School Involve Parents?

Eager to be a PTA parent? Have you been working on your brownie-making skills so yours can be the best at the bake sale? Ask the Michigan preschool in consideration how they involve parents in their programs.

Most of the preschools in Waterford and Goodrich encourage parents to participate and be involved in the school as much as they can. Being involved allows you to learn more about the preschool curriculum, be closer to your little one, and get to know other parents at the school. Plus, who doesn’t want to volunteer at the class Halloween party just to see your child and their classmates in adorable costumes?

  • How Does the Preschool Monitor Student Growth?

Preschool is fantastic for broadening kids’ imaginations and improving social skills. Not to mention, those few kid-free hours are pretty magical. Although it’s nice to cook yourself a meal without tiny hands grabbing at your plate, the most essential part of the preschool curriculum is what your child is learning.

Ask the school how they monitor growth, mentally and socially. This way, you can see what you might need to work on with them at home, or you might discover skills and talents that you didn’t even know they had. Maybe your little one is an undercover mathematician, and they just needed the preschool curriculum to help discover it!

  • What is the Preschool’s Approach to Discipline?

If you have a preschooler at home, we’re sure you’ve dealt with your fair share of tantrums and meltdowns. Your child is still learning how to deal with their emotions and express themselves, especially when they’re just starting to get used to school and interacting with other kids.

It’s important to know the school’s approach to discipline when it comes to moody kids so you can make sure it aligns with your parenting style. If their conflict resolution and consequences for bad behavior are entirely different from yours, your child might get confused about what they should actually be doing. The preschool curriculum should include skills that can help your child stray away from not-so-nice behavior.


Preschool Socialization and Communication Questions

  • How Does the School Improve Communication Skills?

Preschool is one of the first opportunities for children to be around other kids their own age. Social and communication skills are a significant part of the Michigan preschool curriculum since it might be the first time children make friends or talk to other kids.

Ask the school how they promote healthy communication among the kids and incorporate it into the preschool curriculum. You might also inquire about the frequency and structure of group activities.

  • How Does the School Approach Conflict and Problem-Solving Skills?

In preschool, taking someone’s toy is pretty much the ultimate betrayal, so some drama will inevitably go down. Ask the Michigan preschool how they handle conflict amongst the kids to align with how you would handle the situation at home. You can also ask them how they might use conflict to encourage problem-solving skills in the preschool curriculum.

Boy playing a game in preschool.

Preschool Safety Questions

  • What Type of Security Does the Preschool Have?

It’s hard enough leaving your babies at school without the stress of whether or not they’re safe. The crazy world we live in can leave you wondering if your child’s safety is the number one priority at school. Ask the school about their security and the precautions they take for safety. You want to make sure you’re comfortable with their policies so that you aren’t shaking in your boots the entire time your child is at school. Many Michigan preschools in Waterford and Goodrich have implemented stricter security in recent years to keep their students safe.

  • How are Dietary Restrictions and Allergies Handled?

With so many different allergies floating around these days, handling dietary restrictions should be a significant priority for Michigan preschools. There are so many common food allergies that schools should be watching out for, like:

  • gluten
  • nuts
  • dairy
  • soy
  • fish

Ask the Michigan preschool what precautions they take regarding accommodating all the kids’ food allergies and needs. If your child is allergic to peanut butter, you don’t want to get a call that they’re having an allergic reaction because the teacher brought PB&J’s for snack time. If you find a school that your family’s heart is set on, communicate any allergies or dietary restrictions before starting the school year.


We know you have big feelings about your little ones attending school for the first time. Make sure to trust your gut, ask these questions, and share your concerns. The right school for your child is out there, and we hope it’s us!