Here at the Breakie Bunch Learning Center, we firmly believe that play is one of the most critical parts of a child’s development. Not only cognitively, but socially and emotionally, as well. Therefore, we put a strong emphasis on research-based skills that are at the heart of everything we do.

These skills span ten areas of child development and allow teachers, staff, and even you as a parent or caretaker, to see how your child is progressing week to week, month to month, and year to year under their guidance.


Our Learning Objectives

No matter what objectives we are working on throughout the day, we train our teachers and staff to do so through play. We know that your child will walk away with the skills they need to succeed in life and school, but we also want them to walk out each day with a smile on their face.

Let’s take a look at all ten objectives we proudly work on each day at The Breakie Bunch:



When working on the social-emotional objectives, your child’s teacher will work with them to make sure they are learning how to regulate their emotions properly in both an individual and group setting. Things like managing their feelings  – both good and bad – and forming key relationships with peers and teachers are essential milestones in a developing child’s social-emotional health.



When you think of child development, this is likely what comes to mind first. The physical objective block deals with strengthening a child’s gross and fine motor skills that are essential in the coming years for activities such as writing and drawing. Our teachers work with the children on their coordination, using their fingers, hands, and balancing to set them up for success in the future.



Priorities vary based on age group, but the foundational element of language is children’s ability to learn to understand and follow directions from teachers, staff, parents, and caregivers. Beyond that, our teachers work with your children on their conversational skills with peers, using their words even when upset, and using language to convey needs as clearly as possible.



The essential cognitive skills our teachers encourage and grow in your children are vital for learning in later years. Things like learning how to problem-solve, recognize and recall facts, engaging in lessons and play, classifying, and sorting like objects are all sub-categories that we work on each day in class.



Often, you think about literacy in terms of older toddlers, but here at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center, we feel strongly that each of our age groups needs literacy lessons throughout the day. While that looks different for an infant than it does for a preschooler, the intended outcome is the same. By introducing age-appropriate literacy skills, we can engage children with knowledge of the alphabet, word recognition, reading, writing, and the sounds that letters make—all to prepare them for reading, writing, and speaking throughout the rest of their life.



Teaching the fundamentals of mathematics is about more than just number recognition. Some of the most critical math lessons we teach at daycare or preschool are recognizing and understanding shapes, telling time, counting money, and learning to decipher and understand patterns.

Science and Technology

To make toddlers and preschoolers comfortable with the basics of science and technology, we try to make it easy to understand by encouraging exploration of the world through the scientific process. Using specialized tools for specific activities, asking questions about how and why things are the way they are, and guiding children to find these answers on their own builds confidence and develops critical thinking skills.

Learning about living and nonliving things, and learning about the environment all around them, we give them the building blocks for love and appreciation for the sciences that will come in handy later on in school.


Social Studies

Here at The Breakie Bunch, we want to help our children learn how to live, work, and solve problems with others—building links to the people and places around them. We accomplish this through a strong appreciation for social and physical diversity, encouraging our students to become researchers and critical thinkers, and ultimately, active members in their classroom community.


The Arts

Art is so important for expressing feelings, emotions, and a child’s personality. Whether that’s through painting, coloring, music, dance, or play, we love watching our kids blossom before our eyes as they engage in the arts!


English Language Acquisition

Whether or not English is their first language, we want our students to feel confident speaking, listening, and understanding the English language. All of our classes are taught in English, so this is vital for their development. We also offer Spanish language curriculum to our students once they begin attending the toddler class at age two.

Here at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center, we’re proud to focus our childcare curriculum on these ten essential skills for child development. Our teachers and staff are highly trained in each and are ready to help your child grow, learn, and, most importantly, have fun!