Our 5 Favorite Books for Toddlers

2021 Family Activities in Goodrich

As we get ready to welcome 2021, finding activities and things to do is a little different from most years in the past. Although we are limited due to the pandemic, there’s still lots of fun family activities you can do safely. From festivals to escape rooms and more, there’s plenty to look forw

2021 Activities in Waterford

As of right now, the future is a bit cloudy, but there are still events to look forward to in Waterford come 2021. There are ways to stay safe and socially distant when going out. To stay safe in public, you can: Wear a mask. Wash your hands regularly. Avoiding touching your face and mouth […

Busy Moms: Breakfast on the Go

At The Breakie Bunch, we know that parents are some of the busiest people in the entire world. Between coming up with activities for the kiddos, cooking meals for yourself, and everything else, it can be easy to skip a meal. Thankfully, there are dozens of quick and easy ways you can make breakfast

Benefits of Puzzles for Kids

a preschool aged girl working on a puzzle at a table
Preschool children are continuously curious and inquisitive. Our job as parents is to support and nurture this curiosity to develop skills and increase cognitive thinking. One way we can encourage mindful play is through the use of puzzles. Your child will have a blast with the puzzle, while you can