Here at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center in Goodrich, we pride ourselves on our team of highly qualified staff and enriching early childhood curriculum. Our Goodrich Childcare Center provides exceptional care and education to children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. Here’s what you can expect from Goodrich’s premier choice in early childhood care:

  • An Experienced Staff: The majority of our lead teachers hold an Early Childhood Development associate degree, while most of our teaching assistants are working towards their degrees. Each staff member is CPR and First Aid trained and certified to ensure the health and safety of your child while in our care.
  • Early Childhood Curriculum: We believe in immersing your child in age-appropriate sensory activities. Our teachers begin introducing Sign Language with our infants, while our toddlers and preschoolers learn, grow, and explore through:
    • Social interactions
    • Letter recognition
    • Communication skills
    • Independent skills, including potty training
    • School readiness

      Your child will learn about their community heroes and helpers, holidays, the human body, and more. School readiness will introduce them to enriching early math and science ideas while promoting early reading skills. Preschool children will also begin our Spanish Program and broaden their vocabulary with new words each week.

  • Nutrition: Beginning this fall, our daycare center will provide a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon snack at no additional charge.
  • Security: Our center’s state of the art fingerprint system is in place to ensure only authorized family members have access to our facility beyond our lobby. Your child will be safe within the walls of our 24-hour camera surveillance network at our daycare. Our classrooms provide emergency exits, and your child will be secure playing on our playground with outside-access free fencing.
  • Personal Storage: Each child will receive their own bag and designated wall hook to store their personal items, including swimwear, extra clothes, nap time favorites, and projects and treasures they will bring home. Our infant rooms will provide a refrigerator bin for your child’s food and bottles.
  • Cleanliness: Your child’s health and safety are a top priority at our daycare. Our infant, toddler, and preschool classrooms undergo extensive cleaning and sanitizing while maintaining a clutter-free area for our little explorers. 
  • Our Happy Family Guarantee: Your family’s happiness means the world to us. If, after two weeks, you are not 100% satisfied with our center, we will refund your two weeks of tuition. 

We can’t wait for your family to become a part of The Goodrich Breakie Bunch Learning Center Family. For more information on our programs, contact our center today.