We highly recommend The Breakie Bunch! We have been attending for almost 2 years and are very happy with the growth that we’ve seen in our children. When looking for childcare, you want someone who will look after them as you would and thats what we found at The Breakie Bunch. The director is always there to listen if I have concerns, willing to help if I need a schedule change and is so down to earth. The teachers enjoy being there, treat my girls like their own and are just the sweetest bunch around. I love love love the tadpoles app! My 1yr old says please and thank you in sign language and knows her body parts all because its the norm in class, she is constantly learning thru play. They do science experiments and learn Spanish. I wouldn’t dream of trusting my girls with anyone else.

Hrecin Family

A parent needs to feel 100% comfortable and confident anytime they are dropping off their precious child to daycare or preschool. Walking away feeling comfortable that your child is happy and having fun throughout the day, while learning the social and academic skills needed to grow and confidence they are getting the very best care possible! Communication and trust are needed for any successful relationship and The Breakie Bunch made this relationship successful from the beginning! When I took my daughter through the door for the first time and every day since, I instantly have a family feel and a warm welcome. Whether it’s a simple Good Morning with a smile or a hug at the end of the day. They proudly show me art projects she has accomplished or show excitement about what fun events they have coming up. The Breakie Bunch staff is patient, kind and always happy to communicate. Most importantly they treat all their children with love and respect! Thank you for being there for me and my family!

P. Dawson

I chose this center because I felt my daughter would be safe and secure in this building, unlike other daycares I visited. She loves going to daycare and has made several new friends. I can see each day that she learns more and more. This center is personable too, the teachers who aren’t even assigned to her class know who both her and I are, I love that! We plan on keeping our daughter here through pre-school.

A. Moquin

Since day 1 I wasn’t too keen on sending my son Mason to day care, but since getting a new full time job in September, enrolling him in The Breakie Bunch was by the far one of the best decisions I’ve made! Mason loves all of the teachers here and he has learned so much, its mind blowing! From sign language to the imagination he has gained, Iā€™m so happy with this center. Laura has done a great job as director and i recommend The Breakie Bunch to all my friends who are in search of a daycare. We couldn’t be happier here šŸ™‚

L. Rollison