Three Places to Enjoy Family-Fun Near Goodrich

kids in car

Are your kids complaining of boredom? Turn off the TV and lace up their shoes because we’re going out for a day of family fun! We have a new line-up of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you want to play arcade games or curl up and watch a movie, sometimes you need to do it in a new environment to break up the pattern at home.

We’ll be taking you through the happenings of these kid-friendly places near Goodrich:

  • Crossroads Village
  • US-23 Drive-in Movie Theatre
  • Kid’s Castle

The experts at The Breakie Bunch want to help you in every aspect of enriching and nourishing your child’s life, from finding new activities to enjoy as a family or learning positive parenting tactics,


Crossroads Village

Make the most out of this beautiful fall weather and visit Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad, located in Flint, MI. This Genesee County park is home to so many family-friendly and preschool kid-approved activities, like riding on the railroad with Thomas the Train.

There is plenty  to do at Crossroads Village, including:

  • Vintage museum rides
  • Riverboats
  • Special holiday events

A visit to Crossroads Village is for parents, too! You can walk the streets of Crossroads Village and see all of the historical village buildings, such as the Colwell Opera House. If you live near the Goodrich area, this place is a must-see. While you’re in town, check out other Genesee County Parks and enjoy the walking trails and nature-scape surrounding Goodrich.


Drive-in Movie Theatre

Outdoor movies are an excellent way to entertain the whole family. From preschoolers to parents, no one can deny the nostalgia of popping out the camping chairs, curling up in blankets with buttery popcorn and snacks, and watching a good movie.

The US-23 movie theater in Flint is located near Goodrich and is an excellent, affordable drive-in theatre option, with ticket prices ranging from $7.00-$10.00. If your children are preschool-aged or under two years old, they get to watch for free. You can always browse the upcoming movie listings and plan your next drive-in experience on US-23’s site.

Kids watching a movie.

Kids Castle

At less than a 20-minute drive from our Goodrich location, Kids Castle of Flint is a family-owned and operated kid-friendly arcade-style funhouse. There is no limit to the number of activities at Kid’s Castle, from bumper cars to a bounce house.

Fuel your children’s playtime with Kids Castle’s American-style menu that includes pizza, salads, and breadsticks. Additionally, if you’re stuck in a rut trying to find a birthday party venue near Goodrich, check out the private party packages hosted by Kids Castle.


Preschool Enrichment at Breakie Bunch

At Breakie Bunch, we know that keeping kids engaged and entertained is only half of the battle. That’s why preschool services offer a variety of enriching activities. From summer camps to daycare, we’ve fostered a safe, fun, and nurturing learning environment for children to enjoy and for parents to have peace of mind. We understand that convenience is also critical, so that’s why we have two daycare locations in Waterford and Goodrich.