Why is The Breakie Bunch the Right Waterford Preschool for You?

Aside from food, exercise, and safety, few things weigh on parents’ minds more than the correct place for educating their children. With so many choices out there, how do you know if the Waterford Preschool is the right one for you? It helps if you break it down into what are the most important factors to focus on.


What are the 5 Critical Items to Consider When Looking at Preschools in Waterford, MI?

  1. How are the classrooms set up?
  2. Who is teaching your child?
  3. What kind of child development do they encourage?
  4. What learning fundamentals do they support?
  5. What safety protocols are in place?


  1. What does the classroom look like? – Do you see building toys, books, art supplies, dress-up clothes, or age-appropriate learning materials? Are there child-sized tables and chairs? Do the children decide which centers they will use, or do they cycle through all of them? You want to see an age-appropriate learning space that will be conducive to helping your child develop and grow.
  2. Consider the teachers – Teachers should be able to guide the children in their academic growth. They should be able to give them tools to learn how to manage their strong feelings during this time of social and emotional development.
  3. Emotional growth – Preschool is a time of great social and emotional development for children. Is your school up to the task of guiding them through this period?
  4. Curriculum – You have your child in preschool for a reason- what do you want them to learn? There are fundamentals in reading, math, science, and social studies that can be attained through fun exploration and creative activities. Is your Waterford preschool up to the task?
  5. Your child’s safety – Students should never be at risk while they are at school, whether in the classroom or on the playground. Look around the classroom – are hazardous items out of reach of the children? What are the procedures in place for people to enter the school?


Now that you have all the considerations in place for finding the best preschool for your child see how The Breakie Bunch Waterford preschool shakes out in the above categories:


  1. Our classroom design – At The Breakie Bunch Waterford preschool, the children learn! With grouped tables, activity centers, and age-appropriate developmental toys, our students learn without even realizing it because they are having so much fun. Harnessing the power of play, exploration, music, and movement, teachers plan activities centered around topics students want to learn, with all the appropriate tools at hand.
  2. What makes our teachers special? – Our teachers make sure to provide one-on-one time to adapt lessons to each child’s need and group lessons for storytime and group activities. We make sure that your child will have the necessary skills so that when they make the transition to kindergarten, it will be a resounding success!
  3. Children’s emotional management is our specialty – We put a strong focus on social skills and emotion management. Teaching children to use words to resolve conflict in a loving and warm environment is central to our beliefs. We help them to express their feelings, moods, and opinions in a healthy way and develop the ability to make good choices.
  4. Prepped for school – The Breakie Bunch Waterford preschool has a strong academic curriculum covering math, science, social studies, and physical health and development. We even offer Spanish and sign language!
  5. Security is our top concern – The Breakie Bunch Waterford preschool requires a registered fingerprint to enter. We also have security cameras in every room, and each playground is fully fenced. Each classroom has an emergency exit. And as an added bonus, all of our staff members are CPR and First Aid trained and certified.


When looking for a Waterford preschool, The Breakie Bunch Learning Center looks at the whole child – mind, body, and spirit. We would love an opportunity to speak with you and see how we could become the perfect first foray into education for your child!