Welcome to The Breakie Bunch

What is the Breakie Bunch?

We provide quality care and education for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Children learn and develop best in surroundings where they feel valued, secure, and their physical needs are met. We encourage you to learn more about The Breakie Bunch Learning Center here at our site, and please feel free to call us if you have any questions!

Our Classrooms


In the first year babies learn about their surroundings, we understand the importance of a smooth transition and are here to assist.

Young Toddler

In young toddlers we focus on introducing a routine for the day as well as exploring new things through activities.


From ages 2-3 we focus on social skills and emotion management, preparing them for preschool prep through hands-on activities.

Preschool Prep

Preschool Prep focuses on social and emotional skills, math, literacy, science, and physical health.


In our preschool classroom, our curriculum introduces language, literacy, math, science, sensory explorations, Spanish, sign language, and social skills.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp is for ages 5-12. With weekly themes, we engage children in creativity, exploration, imagination, and much more.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

We are thrilled to provide quality care at Breakie Bunch that goes above and beyond. We work with our parents to provide the best care for each child.

Happy Children
Happy Parents
Happy Teachers

Why Breakie Bunch?

Certified by the State of Michigan
3-star rated through Michigan’s quality rating system
Tadpoles – Allows parents to communicate with teachers easily throughout the day and check in on their little one via the app on their phone
Sign language taught in every classroom
Spanish taught in Toddlers, Preschool Prep, and Preschool
Healthy Habits curriculum
Strong focus on social and emotional development
Go beyond state requirements as far as education and training of our staff


Week to week each classroom will be learning math, science, literacy, and so on through a specific theme of interest.  For example, if the theme is transportation, the kids would do activities centered on the theme which would be working on skills from all aspects of the curriculum. The dramatic play area might be transformed to an airport. You might also see tape on the floor making roads with stop signs or yield signs where different traffic patterns in the room cross.

Every child grows and develops at their own pace, we all know that.  There are some milestones or behaviors that can be a red flag if they are not reached by a certain age.  To help our little ones we do an Ages and Stages (ASQ) screening at least twice a year to check in on their progress. Parents or caregivers can use the ASQ questionnaires to check a child’s general development. The results help determine if a child’s development is on schedule.  There is also one to check in on a child’s social emotional development.  These screenings are shared with parents at conferences.

On a daily basis parents receive and email outlining their childs day including meals, diaper changes, naps, and activities using an APP called Tadpoles.  Parents can also check in on their child’s day using Tadpoles. Monthly we send out a newsletter and calendar to notify parents of all the fun activities we have planned.  These are also posted in every room for parents reference.
We regularly post pictures to our Facebook letting parents see the fun and learning for themselves. Twice a year we offer conferences.  This is a time for parents to come in and receive the teachers undivided attention to discuss their child’s progress, goals for the future and anything else they would like to talk about.

What the Parents Say


“I chose this center because I felt my daughter would be safe and secure in this building, unlike other daycares I visited. She loves going to daycare and has made several new friends. I can see each day that she learns more and more. This center is personable too, the teachers who aren’t even assigned to her class know who both her and I are, I love that! We plan on keeping our daughter here through pre-school.”

Angela Moquin

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