Why is The Breakie Bunch Goodrich Preschool the Right Preschool for Us?

When deciding to have a child, we carefully read all the books, study the blogs, and make all the correct appointments. Nothing is more important than our growing baby. You certainly wouldn’t consider taking any less care when choosing the right preschool for your child’s developing mind and body.

Rather than, “I’ll just take my child to any preschool near me,” why not look to one that offers a vast assortment of developmental and educational fodder, all with music, art, laughter, and friendship? The Breakie Bunch Goodrich preschool specializes in a full spectrum of academic offerings, delivered with an eye on child development to ensure your child is treated as an individual and has fun daily.


Why is Preschool Important?

Preschool may look like fun and games (and it is!), but so much more is going on below the surface. Your child is going through a massive shift during these years, and their fine and gross motor skills are being developed.

Aside from physical development, complex social development occurs in your child’s world. At our Goodrich preschool, we specialize in helping your child learn to manage their complicated emotions. They will learn to share and verbalize their developing feelings as they become partners in the classroom.


What Ages for Preschool?

Our Goodrich preschool has classrooms for several different ages, and each has a different curriculum specialized in matching the age’s needs. These include:

  • The three-year-old class
  • The four-year-old class
  • The young fives class


Preschool for 3-Year-Olds – Also known as Preschool Prep at our Goodrich preschool, we believe that our three-year-olds are ready to learn! Our teachers will welcome your child on their academic journey to success by exploring a featured curriculum that covers literacy, social/emotional development, math, science, and physical health. Your child will have the lessons enhanced naturally through music, stories, art, and play.


4-Year-Old Preschool – At our Goodrich preschool, our four-year-olds have our core curriculum, which covers math, science, literacy, social studies, physical health, and development. Our highly trained teaching staff delivers this through play, song, art, and active engagement. They will be learning while enjoying their days because we position ourselves to have our students engaged and empowered.


Young 5’s Preschool – is your five-year-old too young to start Kindergarten? Never fear; they can have days filled with learning at our Goodrich preschool! With a curriculum brimming with academics made fun (we even have sign language and Spanish!), they will stay on course to enter school when ready.


Learning Objectives at The Breakie Bunch Goodrich Preschool

Research has proven that children learn best through active engagement. That is why we support learning through play here at The Breakie Bunch Goodrich Preschool. It is the best for children cognitively, socially, and emotionally.


The Breakie Bunch Goodrich Preschool

From 6 weeks to 12 years, we are the premier choice for daycare, preschool, and childcare in Goodrich, MI. Our dedicated and experienced staff focuses on ensuring your child gets the best environment that is conducive to learning and one in which they feel safe and happy. Our goal is for your child to be well-rounded, happy, and healthy and for you to feel good in your choice of preschools!


Other Child Care We Offer

Childcare is what we do, and we are passionate about it. We don’t want you to come just because you think, “that’s a preschool near me,” but because of our teachers holding Early Childhood Development associate degrees and our staff members being CPR and First Aid trained and certified. We want you to come because your child’s and family’s happiness is first and foremost in our minds. We even offer a “Happy Family” guarantee.


Other childcare options we offer:


When choosing childcare, you want to go beyond “what preschool is near me.” We are committed to the whole child, mind, body, and spirit at The Breakie Bunch Goodrich Preschool. We look forward to meeting you and having you join our Breakie Bunch community