How to Teach Your Toddler to Share

We learn from a very young age that sharing is caring. When it comes to teaching toddlers to share, there can be a bit of a learning curve. From toys to snacks, children will inevitably want what another child is playing with. Without the rules of sharing, this can be explosive. Please keep reading to learn our top tips to teach kids the lessons of sharing.


Sharing for Kids: Why it’s Important

Teaching kids to share is essential for children in that it promotes their development, especially their social skills when interacting with other children. When toddlers can effectively share, they are communicating and understanding what a positive interaction is like first-hand.

Being possessive of items such as toys is an instinct for a child. Learning to share teaches children empathy. With the ability to put themselves in another person’s shoes, they can understand that sharing with other kids is a positive, friendly behavior.

Through understanding what it means to share and lots of practice, kids sharing their toys and belongings with others will become second nature. Learn more about the importance of teaching kids sharing skills and why it is an integral part of their social and emotional development.


How to Teach Toddlers to Share

Learning to share does not happen overnight. The process of teaching toddlers to share can no doubt come with tears, tantrums, and frustrations. Keep in mind that children will learn at their own pace, especially depending on their age, so being patient and consistent is critical.


Follow these steps to teach kids sharing:


  1. Express the rules of sharing
  2. Encourage children to share
  3. Praise children who are sharing for exhibiting good behavior
  4. Correct the behaviors of children who do not want to share

With an excellent introduction to sharing and consistent reminders, teaching toddlers to share is less challenging.


Rules to Follow: Sharing with Kids

Giving children a few simple rules to follow when sharing will help them know the guidelines for when a situation to share with kids presents itself. When there is a toy that another child is playing with that your child wants, let them know that the first step is requesting to play with the toy.

When others want the toy they are playing with, let them know they cannot say no. Giving children the option to let another child play with their toy for five minutes or giving them a different toy to play with can help to diffuse any potential tantrums.


The Power of Encouragement and Praise

When it comes to teaching toddlers sharing and so many other things in life, encouragement and praise go a long way. You can encourage children to share by playing games and engaging in activities that promote sharing.

When a child is exhibiting the correct behaviors of sharing, giving them praise and vocalizing their job well done will encourage them to keep up their positive behaviors and reinforces the idea that sharing is a good thing.

If a child refuses to share, you can use consequences to correct this behavior with the item that is not shared. For more information, follow these tips for dealing with challenging behaviors in toddlers.


Teaching Toddlers at Daycare

When children learn how to share, they see the benefits of cooperation, such as making and keeping friends and managing their emotions. This is similar to what they see in a daycare environment. There are so many reasons why you should choose The Breakie Bunch for your daycare services. In daycare, children are in a nurturing environment that promotes developing their skills and achieving their developmental milestones.

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