Top Fall Family Activities in Waterford, MI

Is there anything better than fall in Waterford? The air gets crisp, the leaves start to turn, and activities to experience with your family are abundant. After spending their days adjusting to daycare and school, learning to share, and breathing through meltdowns, it’s time to get your kiddos out in the fresh air and have some fun as a family!

Waterford is a wonderful family-friendly community that gets even more down-home in autumn. As summer activities at the lakes wind down, Waterford offers opportunities to keep the kids outdoors with weather-appropriate fun and games.


3 Popular Fall Activities in Waterford

Fall festival

State parks

Not-so-scary haunted houses and hayrides

While Waterford has many activities to offer, take time to explore the surrounding area as well. Keeping your kids in the fresh air and engaged with family and friends for the fall season is as easy as hopping in the car and heading out to the nearest farmers market or neighborhood park. With very little planning, you can keep them busy all autumn long with activities geared specifically for the season.


Fall Festival Fun in Waterford

The Harvest Happening Waterford is an annual event designed to be a community day for families. Held at Hess-Hathaway Park, this event offers free admission and activities for the kids.


Featured Fun Activities at the Festival:

  • Hayrides
  • Bake sale
  • Pony rides
  • Food concessions

Historical games and activities also make a showing at this festival, offering opportunities to tour an old house and participate in historical tasks such as spinning, felting, storytelling, and ropemaking. Not much room for backseat parenting when educational opportunities are squeezed in between the bounce house and funnel cakes! You will look forward to making memories with your family every year at this quintessential Waterford event.


State Parks to Get Your Family out in the Great Outdoors

There is no greater opportunity to experience nature than in the stunning state parks within a short driving distance from Waterford. Hawk Woods Park & Campground offers exceptional outdoor education and nature programs throughout the year, but in fall, the opportunities really ramp up! From age-appropriate hikes to creating friendship rocks, Hawk Woods has programs to keep your kiddos entertained and keep you relaxed as you successfully navigate the art of keeping your kids productive and entertained.


Not-So-Scary Haunted Houses and Hayrides in Waterford

Fall activities like hayrides and haunted houses were meant to be experienced and enjoyed by all ages! Creating opportunities for our young children to develop an appreciation for all things autumn can be as easy as breaking them in gently at the kid-friendly corn mazes, spooky houses, and other Halloween-themed attractions. Check out the Spookyland Haunted Barn at Blake’s Cider Mill Funland in broad daylight so the kids (and some faint-hearted adults!) can see it’s not so bad without the scary actors during the day.

As you enjoy fall in Waterford with your family, don’t forget to slow down and take in a sunset or two, roll around in the leaves in your front yard, and even bake cookies together as a family. You don’t always have to get up and go to give your kids the best experiences. Looking for ways to keep your little ones entertained in the fall? The Breakie Bunch Learning Center loves the Waterford community, and we’d love to help you find family-friendly activities all year round.