Best Fall Activities in Goodrich, MI, for the Whole Family

As the summer winds down and fall approaches, you can’t help but be excited by the thought of fall in Goodrich! There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep the kids busy and avoid meltdowns, all while enjoying the crisp air and turning of the leaves. With summer sports wrapping up, there are plenty of opportunities for family time and making memories.

Starting with daycare, our children learn to adjust quickly to new schools, new friends, and new routines. Fall is the perfect time to let our littles run around in the fresh air and enjoy sharing experiences with their family. Goodrich is an idyllic place to spend this magical time of year and is surrounded by opportunities to get out and get closer, including:


3 Great Outdoor Activities in Goodrich This Fall 

  • Goodrich Festival
  • For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum
  • Farmers Market

Whether you choose to enjoy scheduled activities or introduce a little spontaneity into each day, Goodrich and the surrounding areas offer fresh air and small-town experiences that will keep your family out and about until the first frost of winter! There is big fun to be had in Goodrich and beyond that requires very little planning for parents and keeps backseat parenting to a minimum from those who can’t keep up with your fabulous fall schedule.


Good Times in Goodrich Festival

Known as “The Biggest Small Festival That Nobody’s Heard Of,” the Goodrich Festival is held annually on the first weekend in August. The festival offers good eats, crafts, a kid’s zone, and the Goodtimes Festival Parade. Take a walk down memory lane and show your kids the classic cars and trucks that remind you of your first car or growing up on the farm with Grandpa.

Live music is the life of the party! Introduce your kiddos to authentic country music or some of the best tunes from the ‘80s. Families that dance together stay together, so groove your way through fall with some of Goodrich’s hottest family-friendly live music. Be prepared to open your ears and your mind to some exceptionally talented local artists.


For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum

This state park is a dream destination with plenty to do throughout the year, but the fall schedule will keep your family going back over and over again. From Treehouse Story Time to Weekly Wednesday Pop-Up Programs, including Honeybee Kids – Honey Extraction, your little ones will be begging to return to nature and make memories together.

For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum has a packed itinerary for daytime activities and evening experiences such as the Full Moon Hike. Day or evening, the state park system can keep you in the great outdoors throughout the fall months.


Farmers Markets for Fall Favorites

Local farmers markets are a great way for kids to experience farm-to-table life. Fruits, vegetables, and small livestock come to life (literally!) for kids to learn and appreciate the farming way of life. The fall season is especially lively at markets like Porter’s Orchard, where the first nip in the air brings activities such as hayrides, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches.

Fall in Goodrich brings out the colors, activities, and events that we look forward to all year. Unsure of what to plan for your young children in the fall? Give us a call at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center for some local suggestions. We’ll keep you connecting with your children while exploring your home community.