Top 5 Benefits of Daycare

Choosing to send your precious little one to daycare can be a huge decision. There are so many things to consider, and so many questions to ask. For example, is this daycare in Waterford on my commute? Or, what is the student to teacher ratio? And then the big one, “Am I making the right decision for my child and my family?” Decision-making as a parent is nerve-wracking and our teachers at The Breakie Bunch understand that. We want you to know that your child’s welfare is our top priority. Below, we will lay out the top five benefits of daycare for your kiddo, so that you have the information to make the right choice for your family.


One of the main benefits you will hear about when discussing daycare is socialization — and it’s true. Social development is a key part of a child’s overall development, and the earlier you start, the better. Not only does it lay the foundation for them to grow into little adults, but it also helps them to gain self-confidence and get over the shyness children sometimes have around others.

Socialization has its own key categories as well. When socializing your child(ren), you are encouraging them to learn to work well with others.  This includes learning skills such as sharing and teamwork, and it even helps in their language skills development. That’s right; being around other kids their age will help your child to develop those skills faster and earlier. This carries over into playtime and encourages dramatic play, story time, and how to communicate with fellow kids at daycare.

Speaking of playtime, socialization teaches the children how to play together and play nice. Sure, siblings can have this effect too, but removing a child from the day-to-day family dynamic and placing them with other children aids in teaching teamwork and how to play well with others. While siblings are the best, kids are definitely known to treat their siblings a little different than friends!

Structure and Routine

Having somewhere to go every day is actually a great thing for your child! Sure, sometimes waking up for daycare a little earlier can leave us feeling weary, but kiddos are actually a lot more resilient than us. So, while we may dread waking up a little earlier for work, our crazy kiddos thrive on that structure and routine. So when the family heads out the door, grabbing last-minute snacks and the correct left shoe, arriving at daycare is actually a routine that benefits your child more than you may think!

The routine of daycare helps your child feel secure. They know the plan. It also helps them to develop respect and teaches them how to manage their environment and even themselves. It can even help them with chores! They can help back their bag for the next day, pick out an outfit, you name it. All of these things enable a child to grow into a responsible adult!


Of course, we have to talk about education. In a study by the National Institutes of Health, it was shown that kids who attend a high-quality child-care center or preschool score higher on academic achievements in their teen years! Isn’t that amazing?

We at The Breakie Bunch offer a curriculum aimed at making sure your child is at the top of their learning game. Your kiddo will enter school ready to take on the world. Daycare doesn’t just prepare them for school in the sense of studies, it also helps them to grow up into young adults who have higher self-esteem, higher graduation rates, and more college acceptances.

It’s Healthier

Seriously! We all know the rumor out there about so and so’s daughter who started daycare and has had a cold ever since. We cry foul! So, here’s the thing. Daycare has germs, this is the truth. There are tons of kiddos around with their adorable, germy little fingers. But guess what? This actually makes your child healthier. Yep, you heard us right. Timmy’s runny nose can benefit your child. Gross, but hear us out.

While children in daycare may be more likely to get colds in the beginning, they are actually less likely to suffer from ailments like the common cold down the road. There’s a theory out there that kids who aren’t exposed to these germs actually overreact to them later in life and end up getting sicker, more often. Exposure early on to common germs actually helps your child to stay healthier in the long run.


Daycare is not somewhere you just stick your kid when you go to work or do your thing. You are bringing them to a loving, fun environment that encourages learning through play! All of the things we mentioned above are learned without even knowing it. When your child comes to daycare, they are prepping for their future. It sounds heavy, but there are honestly so many benefits to your child spending time in our classrooms. We have sensory bins, we do reading time, we even teach sign language, math, and science. Our curriculum is a play-based curriculum. We encourage the FUN of learning.

Making the decision to bring your child to daycare is a pretty big decision. And any decision you make for your child is never easy. You’re always wondering if you’re doing the right thing, if you’re helping them be the best they can, if you’re supporting them. Let us tell you right now, there is study after study out there that shows what benefits a great daycare can provide for your child. The Breakie Bunch here in Waterford wants only the best for your kiddo and we want you, the parents, to feel comfortable making your decision. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about making the decision to join in on the fun that a great daycare can bring for your kids.