Important Curriculum in Toddler Childcare

Children grow up so fast, and in the blink of an eye, your beautiful infant is a toddler. As toddlers grow they become a sponge, absorbing and learning so many things daily, while also developing their motor skills. At the Breakie Bunch toddler care is very important to us; so important that we have a dedicated young toddler room and a toddler room. Our Waterford Daycare location teachers are highly qualified to nurture your toddler through daily learning and social development with other toddlers.


Reading is a great way to bond with your child. Adding reading to your everyday routine with your toddler will help build your relationship and instill a love of books in them. Reading books full of pictures helps the toddler connect words with images and builds their verbal language. Studies have shown that reading with children frequently in their toddler years leads to the aptitude to count higher, write their names faster, and have bigger imaginations than toddlers who were read to less frequently. Check out our list of top books for toddlers to read at home with family.

Sign Language

Toddlers have a limited vocabulary but still want to be vocal with their parents and family to express their needs. Sign language is a great learning tool that helps your toddler express how they are feeling and allows parents to respond and react to their needs. Breakie Bunch teaches sign language in the toddler classrooms and uses sign language to help promote their social skills by being able to communicate at daycare. Some of the common words taught in daycare are: more, bed and all done. There have been no results showing that sign language delays verbal development, so no need to worry about any adverse effects of learning sign language.

Social Skills

Daycare is normally the first time that a toddler is away from parents and with other children for longer periods of time. Most of the time daycare is hardest on the parents, but can sometimes be hard for the toddler. Waterford Daycare is gentle in their approach of social skills for the toddlers based on the room they are in. The young toddler room starts building a routine in their lives. By keeping to schedules for naps and snack time, the children learn order and how to play with others their age. The toddler room focuses on their relationships with other children and combines hands-on activities that help the child’s motor skills develop while also working on continuous language development.

The thought of your child growing up quickly is hard to take in as a parent. Toddler care has a lasting impact on a child’s early stage development that will boost their success in the preschool prep room and beyond. The care and learning that Breakie Bunch provides every toddler is top notch and recognized by Michigan 3 star rating and each staff members certification. Learn more about Breakie Bunch Learning Center’s commitment to your toddlers’ education and development here.