The Top Toys for Your Playroom

Our Waterford kiddos love to be entertained. As teachers, we know that an entertained child is a happy child and so below, we’re going to talk about some of the must-haves for any playroom. Whether your kid likes to make a mess, play quietly, or build something spectacular, we will have a toy for them. 


Blocks. Legos. Anything stackable. 

What is it about building things that can totally enrapture children and adults alike? Or anywhere in the world, for that matter. It can be mesmerizing and takes focus, concentration, and lucky for us, there’s an appropriate level for all ages! If you have a wee little one in the house, how great is this stackable rainbow? It’s colorful and the size makes it safe for that age when they want to put everything in their mouths!

If your kids are little older than that, you can move up into Duplos. Safe for kids 2 and up, these are your entry level Legos. Small enough for those little hands to create something magnificent, but large enough not to be eaten. For these, we chose this Toy Story set. Who doesn’t love Woody (ok, and Buzz, too)?

And then there’s the graduation into old school, classic Legos. This Marvel set will keep your kid occupied for literally hours. The Lego sets they have these days are amazing and can get pretty pricey, but there are definitely smaller sets you can easily pick up for that playroom. 

Not interested in stepping on Legos? You can even get this nifty table if you so choose (it even has storage!)


Yes, that’s right. We said tents. Kids absolutely love a fort, clubhouse, or just something to hide in. Some kids simply love quiet time on their own or pretending they’re fighting dragons. How much fun would it be to have a fort that didn’t involve tearing apart your couch and using all of your blankets? Sounds like a score to us.  Affordable and easy to put up and tear down, an indoor tent is a great addition to every playroom!

Make a Mad Scientist Out of Them

We’re clearly on a STEM theme here in Waterford and didn’t even realize it, but we’re going to keep it going because STEM is awesome (Science Technology Engineering Math)! Does your kid like making a mess? Then what about some kits for the playroom? If you have an area committed to making messes, we love a science corner. Make it complete with ingredients for slime, a volcano, you name it. You can even purchase preassembled Chemistry/Science kits for kids of different age groups! Check those out here and here

If you have a little one and allowing them to make a volcano is not in the cards yet, we have something for you too. There is a book called Organic Chemistry for Babies (no joke!) and it is pretty highly rated, too. 


What playroom is complete without books? That tent mentioned above? It could even double as a reading space. Obviously, there are books for kids of all ages and we definitely encourage starting them early. Begin with the classics we love from our childhood and move into the new books released nearly every week. 

There are lists galore out there for the “best” toys for your kids. Every kid is different and sometimes those lists can be overwhelming. Think about what activities your kid truly likes to do and branch out from there. Make a playroom that your child will truly enjoy and grow into. Working in a Waterford daycare, we live our lives in playrooms. If you’d like more suggestions, reach out to us here. We definitely have a few more ideas up our sleeves.