Our Top 5 Preschool Books for Your Home Library

Boy next to stacks of books.

It seems like just yesterday you were spending sleepless nights changing diapers, warming bottles, picking child care, and cuddling your sweet baby. How is it time for preschool already? They’re almost ready to spread their wings and start becoming their own little person. Don’t start crying yet! You can read preschool books at home with them to stay close to your little one and keep them learning even when they’re not at school.


Our five favorite children’s books will keep their imagination growing and their brains flowing:


  1. Little Artist Book Set
  2. The Earth Gives More
  3. You Matter
  4. I Can Change the World
  5. Kindness Makes Us Strong


Educational Preschool Books

Preschool is like a party for little kids. Crafts, picture books, LEGOs, and snack time? We wish that those were on our daily schedule! Even though preschool is packed with tons of excitement, the most essential part of preschool is making sure they are ready for Kindergarten. These children’s books will keep your kids entertained and learning.

Little Artist Book Set:

This preschool book set by Emily Kleinman is perfect for any little Picasso who has filled up all of the spots on the fridge with their artwork. Move over, calendar and grocery list! They will get to learn about some of the most legendary artists in history, from musicians to painters, sculptors, and more. We’re sure they’ll gain some inspiration and be running to their easel in no time. An added bonus is that they’re board books, so they’ll survive any paint, glue, or spills thrown their way.

If your kid is less of a little Picasso and more of a mini-Einstein, check out the Little Scientist Book Set.

The Earth Gives More:

As a child, there’s no better feeling than wiggling your toes in the grass and running free outside. This preschool book by Sue Fliess will teach your kiddo to value the Earth and all it has to offer. They’ll learn about all the different seasons and how water from the Earth can help humans. Hopefully, with this book, your little one will be even more eager to get outside and explore nature. As they get older, they will understand how to treat the Earth kindly.

Kid reading with his cat.

Children’s Books on All Things Feelings

Feelings are hard! Even as adults, tackling emotions is something we’d all probably rather avoid. Preschoolers don’t have all the knowledge they need to help themselves understand and soothe their own emotions yet. You have probably experienced your fair share of sassy moments and mini mood swings as a parent, but these children’s books will have their bright souls shining with no clouds in sight.

You Matter:

In a bustling world full of ups and downs, kids can feel a little lost. Use this children’s book by Christian Robinson to remind them that it doesn’t mean their thoughts, feelings, and opinions don’t matter because they’re small. It will give them a new perspective on the world and show them that everyone matters, including them. This book will help your preschooler (and you) gain empathy and understanding for others.

I Can Change the World:

Building up your little one’s confidence can help them conquer anything! This preschool book by “I See Me!” will show your kids that they should chase their dreams, no matter how big they seem. The book is personalized with their name; they will feel so special reading about how they can change the world!

They will learn how small things like giving a hug, cleaning up, and being thoughtful of others, can eventually lead to a big change.

Kindness Makes Us Stronger:

One of the most valuable lessons we can pass onto children is to be kind to others. Kids are beaming with light, and they should share that energy with everyone around them. In preschool, sharing a toy on the playground can seem like the biggest challenge of life, but they need to work in a group with their classmates. This children’s book by Sophie Beer is about being kind to others and will show them that being kind is cool! It’s full of bright colors and fun pictures, making the story-time experience even more exciting.

Add these preschool books to your shopping cart and watch your child blossom! You’ll feel so glad you did once you sneak in those extra few minutes of quality time with your kid.