Our 5 Favorite Books for Toddlers

Little girl reading on a chair.

Raising a little one is so rewarding, but it’s certainly no walk in the park! You’ve cleaned up about a hundred messes already, your child is throwing a tantrum, and you just remembered, oh yeah, you still have to feed them dinner.

Parents need some time to catch a break! Reading toddler books with your child is a great way to do it. You get to watch the joy on their faces as their imagination comes to life. Reading to your toddler has tons of benefits, like:

  • early development of reading skills
  • increased empathy and understanding of others
  • better communication skills
  • greater creativity and imagination

With busy days full of playtime, cartoons, and of course, more playtime, reading storybooks with them can be an awesome time to enrich their mental, emotional, and social skills. Check out our post about toddler milestones to find out more about their development.


 Toddler Books that Teach Lessons on Feelings

Since toddlers have such imaginative little minds, they’re always on the go. You might have to get creative about keeping them entertained while teaching them all the skills they need.

Reading storybooks with your toddler can be a fun way for them to learn new things. Your little one might not love A-Z flashcards, but colorful toddler books let their imagination run free while still teaching them valuable lessons.

  1. Creatures Full of Feelings

Toddlers experience all the feels! Even though they’re your little angels, some mornings, it might feel like you’re raising a mini, moody teenager. This toddler book helps them understand and get a hold of their feelings. Thank us later when your kiddo can express their moods and emotions to you, hopefully resulting in fewer tears and more giggles! Plus, it’s a board book, so you don’t have to worry about having to throw the book away after the first read due to sticky fingers turning the pages.

  1. The Little Girl or Boy Who Dared to Dream

We wish we had imaginations like toddlers do! Their limitless view of the world can make them feel like they can do anything. Show them how infinite their possibilities are with a personalized storybook including their own name. The book has positive affirmations, so your toddler will understand how amazing they truly are.

  1. My Mouth is a Volcano

Every parent has had moments where they felt like their toddler’s mouth was actually a tornado. Little kids say the darndest things sometimes! They still need help understanding the impact of the words they say to others and how to have a respectful conversation. This storybook teaches kids to wait their turn, communicate kindly, and be empathetic towards others, which are skills they will need when sending them to school or daycare.

Child reading in a library.

Bedtime Stories for Toddlers

Since their days can be jam-packed with fun, bedtime might not be your toddler’s favorite part of the day. Change that by reading a story they will love before you tuck them in at night! Helping your child calm down and get fully relaxed before bed guarantees a good night’s sleep. Reading storybooks before bed can be a great way to make their eyes feel a bit heavier before their head hits the pillow.

  1. Don’t Wake the Dragon

This interactive book will definitely show your toddler the value of beauty sleep! The toddler book is about a fast asleep dragon, and your toddler will be given tasks to make sure no one wakes it. Hopefully, they’ll remember some of the tricks from this book the next time they wake up before the sun rises, and mom and dad are still savoring every last minute of shut-eye!

  1. A Treasury of Five-Minute Stories

Enter the world of enchanted fairytales before bedtime. This book has a collection of classic stories that are quick to read. When you’ve finally finished bath time, teeth brushing, and have convinced them to settle down for bed, the window before bedtime is getting slimmer. These five-minute stories keep it short and sweet and will leave your kids dreaming of kings and queens in a faraway land.