Summer Family Activities Near Goodrich, MI

Unlike summer tans, the memories of spending time with family never fade. We want to help you build all of those special memories, especially this summer. So before you start booking a flight or packing up your car for a road trip, consider exploring your local town and seeing all of the family fun you can have right where you are. You can enjoy so many different types of summer activities with your family and friends right in Goodrich, MI.

In this fun guide to summer family activities, we’ll cover all of these fun adventures:

  • Nature preserves and parks
  • Museums and planetariums
  • Historic village


While we cover summer essentials like water safety, kids camps, and daycare services, you can start to plan your summer family activities. From swimming in the lake to summertime sports, see what outdoor activities you can get into this season in Goodrich, MI.


Day Trip to a Historic Village near Goodrich, MI

The historic structures of Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad are a sight to see. You can easily spend a full day of family activities at this attraction. The whole family will get a kick out of a day trip to this historic village with activities like vintage amusement rides, a riverboat, and old-timey trains on the Huckleberry Railroad.

Crossroads Village is a short 30-minute drive from The Breakie Bunch daycare center in Goodrich, MI. This leisurely trip is perfect for a morning adventure, afternoon outing, or pre-dinner excursion with open hours from 8 am-5 pm every day of the week.

Are you looking for more summer-friendly family activities near Goodrich, MI? Keep reading to learn how you can keep your kids entertained and educated during family outings.


Family Field Trip to Your Local Museum

Enrichment and education don’t stop just because school’s out. So when you need a break from the heat or a change of scenery, consider taking an independent family field trip to the following Goodrich, MI attractions. Up next on our summer family activity guide are our top three educational picks that kids love: Sloan Museum, The Children’s Museum of Flint, and Longway Planetarium.

The Sloan Museum at Courtland is full of immersive experiences and play opportunities, making it the perfect destination for a family activity. For example, the Above and Beyond aerospace exhibit currently showing through September 5th features a fun lesson in the history of flight, video experiences, and hands-on design challenges made for kids. Enjoy a new experience every time you visit their rotating exhibitions.

See the sky through a new lens after visiting Longway Planetarium. There are so many different shows and events at this venue. Whether your children are interested in learning about turtles, the ocean, or moles, Longway Planetarium has a show for a variety of different topics. They also offer sensory-friendly Planetarium shows with more lights and less sound that caters specifically to children and adults with special needs.

The Children’s Museum of Flint is an excellent attraction for children to explore, play, and learn. From the augmented reality 3D sandbox to the gravity wall, there is no shortage of immersive experiences that the whole family can enjoy. In addition to in-person attractions, the museum has many virtual experiences too – so if you don’t feel like venturing to Flint, your children can be entertained and educated right from their home desk!

With all three of these sites located just a short drive away from Goodrich, MI, your family can easily take a mid-week adventure to the museum or planetarium. If you’re looking to pack a weekend full of museum magic, you can easily visit all three of these excellent educational attractions.


Outdoor Family Activities

For a lot of us, summer is synonymous with being outdoors. So what better way to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors than being in nature? The For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum is the perfect place to start exploring.

If you’re up for an afternoon stroll or want to relax and observe the wildlife at For-Mar Nature Preserve, this park is a must-visit. This Genesee County Park is located right outside of The City of Goodrich, MI.

There are so many things to explore at For-Mar Nature Preserve:

  • Hands-on experiences with live animals
  • Learning about flora and fauna
  • Barrier-free treehouse
  • Walking trails


Bluebell Beach is another excellent park to visit if you want to not only get out and enjoy nature but the water too. This beach also features a splash pad for young kids to cool off and enjoy. If you’re interested in jumping in the water, you can safely enjoy the family activity of swimming in C S Mott Lake. If you’re interested in other parks in this area, check out the 2021 Family Fun Guide for local parks and park events.


Practicing Water Safety Near Goodrich, MI

You can’t have summer fun without summer safety. About 45 minutes from Goodrich, MI, is Hartland’s Caroselli Aquatic Center, a great place for swim lessons. Though they offer lessons for tots, this swim center can teach the whole family all levels of swim lessons.


Families can learn a variety of water safety and swim techniques from swimming lessons, like these:

  • Treading water
  • Spring-board diving
  • Learning different swim strokes
  • Underwater retrieval


Before you don a swimsuit, learn more information about visiting Hartland’s Caroselli Aquatic Center. When your kids have mastered water safety skills, the whole family can relax and enjoy lakes, pools, and all of the family activities that will help keep you cool in the summer heat.


Kids Summer Camp and Daycare Services

We know how special it would be for parents to have an unlimited amount of time with their children, especially when it comes to family activities and summer adventures. While we can’t stop the clock, we can help you care for your children. When you can’t join the fun, the Breakie Bunch is here to step in with unmatched daycare services

Our kid’s summer camp is packed with daily adventures and weekly themes for kids to enjoy. In addition, this camp features daily activities for children to practice their art, sensory, and gross motor skills and teaches math and science in a way that is exciting and feels different from classroom learning

Our programs in our regular daycare classrooms still make learning fun in a safe, nurturing environment. If you have any questions about preschool curriculum, toddler classes, infant-care, or other daycare services, let us know, and we’d be happy to help answer your inquiries. If The Breakie Bunch’s Goodrich, MI location isn’t located in the area you desire, we also have a daycare center located in Waterford Township

Daycare services don’t end when summer does – check to see why you should choose The Breakie Bunch for daycare in every season.