Five Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids

Mother encourages creativity in her child with art.

Creative stimulation involves more than just cool toys and fun activities – it is the start of self-expression, building confidence, and learning new ways to think and solve problems. There are many ways in which we can support preschool-aged children in expressing their creativity. Here are five ways to encourage your children in fostering creativity:

  1. Encourage problem-solving
  2. Free play
  3. Exploration and adventure
  4. At-home experimentation
  5. Interactive toys

From children in preschool to toddler care, let’s learn the different ways in which children can express creativity, and parents can offer support and encouragement.

Encourage Problem-Solving

Learning the skills to solve problems not only helps stimulate your child’s creativity, but it helps them build confidence as well. Each time your child is working to solve a new problem, they are stretching their brain for new ideas and learning how to think more creatively. By finding many different ways to look at a problem, your child will not only learn how to think more creatively but learn the building blocks of critical-thinking skills that come along with practicing problem-solving.

In toddler care, children will learn problem-solving skills in the classroom, but you can start them earlier by encouraging problem-solving at home. Make creative thinking fun with props, puzzles, and other toys at home. Problem-solving can be more straightforward with conversation and questions – try these different prompts to encourage problem-solving and creative thinking with your children.

Free Play

Giving children time to themselves to play how they want fosters creative thinking. You can support your child by offering free play time in a designated, private spot for the child. Free play is especially great for more independent children, and ideally, in toddler care age ranges. In this space, children are free to be as imaginative as they like. Without rules or restrictions for how or what children can play with, their creative juices will start to flow, and they will learn ways to entertain themselves.

Child drawing.

Exploration and Adventure

New places and spaces invite children to start a new adventure. An adventure can start right at your local park. If you’re in the Goodrich area, check out these family-friendly parks where your children can dream up adventures of their own.

If you’re stuck in the house, there are plenty of opportunities to dream up exploration in your backyard:

  • Indoor scavenger hunt
  • Backyard botany exploration
  • Digging in the dirt for treasuresa flower with stems demonstrating ways to encourage creativity in children

At-Home Experimentation

You don’t need to be in a toddler care classroom to experience the joys of fun science experiments. Safe, at-home experimentation encourages creative science and is a fun way to get the whole family involved. Browse through tons of science experiments that your children can conduct at-home. If your kids are in daycare or at home, make sure they have adult supervision before starting any experimentation.

Interactive Toys

Toys are an easy way to encourage creativity, especially when the toys are interactive. Interactive toys are also great for preschool children in that they assist in teaching coordination and motor skills. There are tons of great toys out and other interactive activities for your children like virtual tours and dance-alongs that will foster the spirit of creativity in your child.

Childcare at Breakie Bunch

Whether at home or in school, children need to have an environment that encourages and supports their creativity, which is why picking the right preschool for your child is critical. Creative children grow up to become excellent problem solvers, adventurers, and independent thinkers. Our childcare services provide your kids with a safe and fun learning environment where they can grow and foster creativity.

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