Free Printable Preschool Worksheets for at Home Learning

Child at a computer for at home learning.

We understand that being a teacher and a parent all in one is a pretty unique adventure. Mrs. Mom might be ready to send the kids off to boarding school by lunchtime, but these free worksheets should keep your little ones occupied. Your kids can learn math, spelling, reading, and thinking skills all while using their imagination. That should give the teacher/parent at least enough time to take a bathroom break, right? If your child is attending daycare or preschool in person, but you want some extra for practice for them at home, these worksheets will be great for you, too.


Reading Skills Preschool Worksheets

Reading Pictures Worksheets

These preschool worksheets have pictures of things your kids are sure to recognize, like:

  • cats
  • trees
  • mice
  • houses

Putting a word with a photo can help your preschooler learn how to read the word. The worksheet asks them to draw a circle around each word and asks what they think it says. They might be able to make the mental connection from the word to the photos and understand what the words mean. If your little one isn’t into sounding out words, they can look forward to coloring in the pictures at the end of this preschool worksheet.


Bruno Bear Handwriting Worksheet

The Bruno Bear preschool worksheet involves spelling, handwriting, and coloring all in one. Your kiddo will love copying down the sentence about Bruno Bear to practice their handwriting and spelling skills. Who are we kidding? Maybe they won’t love the spelling part so much, but they will have a blast coloring the adorable tie-wearing bear.


Little girl doing a worksheet at home.

Math Skills Preschool Worksheets

Counting Cupcakes Worksheet

If you want your kid on the path to be a mathematician, download this free worksheet full of cute cupcakes for them to count and color. They can match the number of cupcakes to the numbers on the worksheet. This preschool worksheet is excellent because it helps your child connect the number of items with the numeral that goes with it.


Color by Number Butterfly Worksheet

Another worksheet for the mini mathematicians! This preschool worksheet helps your child become more familiar with the numbers 1-10. It has a list of numbers with corresponding colors to practice connecting the colors with the right numbers. In the end, they’ll be so excited to have a cute little butterfly they colored all by themselves. Make sure you save a spot on the fridge for this one!


Big, Bigger, and Biggest Coloring Worksheet

If your kid doesn’t quite understand how sizing works, the big, bigger, and biggest free worksheet will be super educational for them. The worksheet shows them a photo of a big fish and a big shell; then they have to draw a fish and a shell bigger than those already on the worksheet. It shows them a row of ducks and frogs at the bottom, and they have to circle the one they think is the biggest. Bring out the crayons and markers to make it fun for them! They can get creative when they make their drawings to make learning a little more exciting for them.


Basic Skills Worksheet

Winter or Summer Worksheet

This winter or summer worksheet helps kids improve their thinking and logic skills. The free worksheet has a cute snowy scene and another photo of the same scene, sans snow. Your preschooler will have to cut out photos at the bottom of the worksheet, including a snowman, picnic basket, and baseball bat, and match them to the corresponding season. Their brain will be flowing as they think through each photo and glue it in the right spot.


Hopefully, these educational free worksheets can make learning from home a bit less of a headache. If you are doing homeschooling, socializing is still crucial for your child’s development. Consider setting up a small group of children for them to play, learn, and socialize. Playing with other kids their age will have a significant impact on their social skills!