The Breakie Bunch’s Commitment to Family

We are committed to quality.  Quality in childcare can mean something different depending on whose opinion you are asking.  We view quality as providing a safe environment, building meaningful relationships, employing an educated staff, and creating a fun learning environment.  Here are just a few examples of how we ensure we are offering a high-quality center to you and your family.

Safe and Secure Environment

  • Each employee must have a background check and FIA clearance
  • The building is equipped with a state of the art security system allowing only people with their fingerprint registered in our system have access past our lobby.
  • Cameras are in each classroom and two on the playground
  • Emergency exit in each classroom

Parent involvement

  • Parents may volunteer in the classroom
  • Ability to observe your child through one-way glass or in the office via the security cameras
  • Regular events to bring the whole center together
  • Communication with families via daily sheets, email updates, monthly newsletter and calendar, parent-teacher conferences upon request and day to day verbal communication
  • An open door policy

Qualified Teachers

  • Lead teachers have at least an associate’s degree in early childhood education
  • Experienced, loving and creative teachers
  • Continued training and professional development for teachers


  • Play-based curriculum
  • Sign Language taught in all classrooms
  • Focus on sensory, math and science at appropriate developmental levels in each classroom
  • See programs for classroom-specific information