How Preschool Helps Your Child

Child hands playing with puzzle

There are a lot of questions when becoming a parent. Which car seat is best? When should we start on solids? When is the best time to potty train? The brutal truth is, there is no instruction manual for parenting. Oh, if only there were. Once your child is the right age, you may start to wonder, “How does preschool benefit my kid?” Well lucky for you, that is something we can help answer! Preschool is a wonderful tool that sets your child’s future in motion. Below, we’ll go over a few of the top things our preschool here in Michigan can do you for your kiddo.



“Wait, didn’t you guys just mention preschool?” We sure did. And we’re not here to confuse you, we promise. Preschool is actually an amazing stepping stone to kindergarten. Based on a large variety of studies, one thing is certainly clear- kids who attend preschool are far more ready for kindergarten compared to children who don’t. And this isn’t just in Michigan; this is everywhere. When your child attends preschool, they get a jump start on how to act in social settings, including interacting with other kids, an intro into reading and math, and in our location, they even learn Spanish and Sign Language. All of these skills make your kiddo ready for a successful future in school.

Child boarding a busStructure

It’s not only reading and arithmetic kids are learning when getting ready for kindergarten and beyond, but it’s also structure. Sometimes going right from home to kindergarten can be jarring for a child who has experienced nothing else. However, this doesn’t mean that structure needs to be something strict. Structure, by definition, is the arrangement of and relations to something. Starting in preschool helps aid in learning the classroom structure and is a gentle transition from home to a formal school setting.

It’s a Foundation Year

At the preschool age, kids are a sponge. This is a great time to start healthy school habits that they’ll use long into their education careers. Through playful learning, your child will develop skills that will last a lifetime. Kids of a young age aren’t quite ready for rigid classroom atmospheres, so preschool allows them to begin developing these skills through play. Unbeknownst to your child, through these transition years in preschool, they are learning how to collaborate, how to solve problems on their own and use their creativity and curiosity to their advantage.

Our preschool here in Waterford, Michigan, can guide your child through it all. Your kid will come to us as little more than a toddler and leave as a big kid suddenly ready for the big kid’s classroom! Preschool allows them to learn, thrive, and grow, all while still being able to be a child — to run, to play, to create. Because that’s what preschool is all about; foundation through play in order to grow and learn. To learn more about our school, check us out here. If you’re ready to join the family, here’s why you should!