Fun Arts and Crafts Projects for Preschoolers

Little ones love arts and crafts projects — the messier, the better — which let them have fun while helping hone their creativity and fine motor skills.  Crafts are perfect for lazy mornings or afternoons in the summer in Waterford, MI. Breakie Bunch has compiled a list of some great arts and crafts projects to explore with your little one!

Outdoor Arts and Crafts

Summer days are made for being out in the sunshine, especially with preschoolers. Children love moving around, and what better way to get them on their feet than collecting craft supplies? The beautiful public parks and outdoor spaces in Waterford, MI are perfect spots for finding natural elements for craft projects.

Negative leaf impressions are an excellent afternoon craft. Take your child to the park and collect interesting shaped leaves. Once you have a nice assortment, use paper and paint to create leaf impressions on white paper. Spraying the paint around the leaves will help your little one develop fine motor skills while creating something he can be proud to display at home.

A great option for preschool show and tell, nature wands will make your preschooler feel the magic of being outdoors. Grab a stick from your backyard or nearby woods and, with brightly colored string, attach flowers, feathers, and leaves to create magic wands. Make sure to make one for yourself, so you can feel the magic too!

Indoor Arts and Crafts

Like most areas of the state, Waterford, MI can get rainy in the summer. Crafting indoors brings fun to your living room on a gloomy day.

A rainy day theater is an excellent way for your preschooler to create a story that goes along with her characters and scenery! Grab an empty cereal box and cut a hole in the side for the “stage.” She can use coloring supplies to create her characters on separate sheets of white paper. Attach her characters to popsicle sticks or small dowels and enjoy the show she puts on for you!

Crafts that make music are wonderful tools for self-expression for little ones, especially when paired with simple lyrics that can build memory and language skills. Grab a cardboard box and cut a circular hole in the center. Across the hole, attach rubber bands in a taut line from one end to the other. Before you know it, your preschooler will be strumming away, and you will have a dance party on your hands.

Educational Crafts 

Preschool provides kids their very first classroom setting; an environment for them to begin learning basic pre-math and pre-literacy skills, while also growing socially and emotionally. Parents can add to their child’s academic growth through educational crafts at home.

Clothespin caterpillars can help your preschooler with color recognition and fine motor skill-building. Using pom poms of various colors and sizes, your child can attach the pom poms to a clothespin. For added fun, attach pipe cleaners for antennae and googly eyes to give their caterpillars some personality!

These are just a few examples of craft ideas to get your preschooler thinking and moving; there are endless opportunities for little ones in Waterford to express their creativity. For more ideas from Breakie Bunch, click here!