5 Ways to Survive Drop-off

Line of school buses

If not prepared, preschool morning drop-offs can be a harrowing experience. It can be a scary time for your kid too. How many of us have probably gone through the crying, the holding on to the leg, the “mama (or daddy), DON’T GO!!”? It breaks the heart a little bit, doesn’t it? Well hey, guess what? This can be remedied! And another thing? It’s most likely harder on you than it is your kid. Crazy, but true. 

Below, we’re going to list out 5 of the best practices in making your morning drop off a heck of a lot easier. 


  • Have a Routine


This is pretty much the number one thing you can do to have a smooth morning. Kids and adults alike thrive on a routine. Having a routine for preschool doesn’t have to be a minute by minute thing. Have your child pick out their outfit for the next day. Pack up any bags together, sit down for breakfast together, even have a secret handshake for drop-off! Sometimes ending the morning on a silly note, something just between you and your child, sets a positive tone for the day. 


  • Communication


Keeping open communication with your preschool teachers can make for a positive drop off as well. Have a child who is having a hard time letting go? Fill your teacher in on the issue. When you arrive in the morning and with the teacher knowing this little tidbit, they can be ready to step in with a distraction so you can leave in peace without tears. From either of you.

Kids walking to school.

  • Speaking of leaving without tears. DON’T LINGER.


It is really, really hard to leave your child at daycare when they are crying and begging you not to leave. Parenting guilt is real! Our advice? Leave. Because  guess what? 9 times out of 10, once you are out of sight range, they are perfectly fine. Seriously, it’s like a light switch. And tough love here, staying actually makes it more difficult for them to calm down. They love you unconditionally and don’t want you to leave, that’s only natural (and also expected). We have seen it all and we can promise you that your child will be well cared for and comforted as you leave. Honestly? The daycare drop off is harder for you than it is for them, no matter what it may seem like. If you’re still feeling uneasy later that morning, just give us a call. There’s that communication thing again! 


  • Say Goodbye and See You Soon


Yes, we want you to leave. Just don’t sneak out. Even if there are tears, say a clear goodbye and a plan for later. “See you after work!” or “See you in a few hours!” can do wonders for quelling a child’s fears of staying at preschool without you. When you say something like that, they simply know you’re coming back at some point. Easy peasy.


  • Personal Items


If your child has a security blanket, a lovey, or something that is important to them, have them bring it with them to preschool or daycare. Your teacher may ask that it be kept in a bookbag until naptime, or even for the day, but simply knowing it is there can really help a child with coming into school. Having something personal and important to them has been known to lessen separation anxiety for children (and hey, adults too).

Yes, sometimes drop-offs can be hard. Some days they will simply walk in without looking back, without a goodbye, breaking your heart in a completely different way. When you come to preschool, we are here to care for your child. We want them to be happy. Having some simple steps for a drop off routine can save your child, and you, from added stress. If you’re still feeling uneasy about drop-offs, please just give us a call. We’d be happy to talk you through it.