Top 3 Fall Kids’ Activities

As soon as the crisp air blows in, we are ready to spend some time outdoors and soak up some nature before colder days arrive. Fall activities with kids that are younger can be fun and imaginative with just a little planning and creativity. Adjusting to the season and finding preschool activities that keep your kiddo engaged can be as simple as packing some snacks and heading outdoors!

Kids’ fall activities are really activities that all ages can enjoy. As a parent, you might find that these are some of your favorites as well. Entertaining your kiddos through this season can be as easy as including three seasonal themes.


3 Fall Kids’ Activity Themes

  1. All things apple
  2. Bring on the pumpkins
  3. Harvest festivals all day long


  1. An apple a day is an ideal preschool activity theme.

Anything with apples! Preschool kids love apples! You can eat apples, bob for apples, pick apples, hide apples like Easter eggs and go find them, and so much more. Involving apples in any fall kids’ activity is an instant winner. You probably have apples at your house, so making up a kids’ activity for fall is right at your fingertips!

Your kiddos of preschool age are learning to count, so make this preschool activity fun and educational! Count the apples as you pick them and place them in the bin. How many apples are we bobbing for? Count them! How many apples are they willing to share? Learning to count and apples – put these two together, and you have a winning strategy for keeping any preschooler entertained through the fall season.


  1. Your local pumpkin patch is a hotbed of fall activities for kids!

Is there anything more fun than a scavenger hunt in a pumpkin patch? Use a small section of the patch to hide small objects like little scarecrows and different colored gourds. Or let your preschooler search out the largest pumpkin (or smallest!) in the pumpkin patch. This type of fall activity for kids lets them use critical thinking skills while they are having a blast searching through the pumpkins.

Carving pumpkins may be a little advanced for a preschool activity but putting stickers on pumpkins is an ideal kids’ activity for fall! Peeling and placing stickers helps your kiddos with fine motor skills while they have a fun time decorating their pumpkin. Looking to avoid a carved pumpkin meltdown? Let your kiddo help with a more appropriate preschool activity like pulling out the seeds (eww! Slimy!) or helping pick out the perfect pumpkin from the patch for the family carved pumpkin.


  1. Harvest festivals have all the kids’ activities for fall.

There is something about a harvest festival that brings out all the feels for fall! Your kids experience some of the best sights, sounds, and flavors that the season can bring. Caramel apples, hayrides, and a petting zoo make for a preschool activity like no other.

Harvest Festival games for young children are a cornucopia of amazing opportunities to develop fine motor skills disguised as fall activities for kids. Tic-tac-toe with tiny pumpkins, candy corn bag toss, popsicle stick scarecrow crafts, and more will delight your young children, providing excellent age-appropriate preschool activities to keep them entertained all day long.

Looking for activities to keep your preschool-aged children entertained in the fall? We have ideas for every season, and we love to share! At The Breakie Bunch Learning Center, your child’s success is our top priority!