Our Top 10 Preschool Gifts

Child with puzzle

Christmas is so fun for preschoolers! By this age, little ones are usually over their Santa fears and ready to participate in all the fun family traditions you have — especially the gift opening tradition! This preschool gift list includes a mixture of toys that are great for cognitive development, gross and fine motor skill practice, sensory exploration and more!

Child playing with blocks

  1. Magnet Tiles: An absolute must-have for your preschooler, magnet tiles are a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) gift that provide hours of brain-enhancing play.  The product description lists the benefits perfectly: “Children can acquire strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including 3D forms numbers counts, magnetic polarities & architectural design at early age.” This preschool gift does not disappoint!
  2. Smarkids Musical Instrument Preschool Set: Music is fantastic for children’s brains! Great for creativity, concentration, and cognitive skills, this set includes a tambourine, maracas, shaker eggs, finger castanet, hand touching bells, handle sleigh bells, rainbow bell stick, jingle stick, tone blocks, and a kazoo.
  3. Melissa & Doug Wooden Ice Cream Set: A sweet gift for imaginary play, work on language skills and personal relationships through role playing with this ice cream set. Bonus: it includes play dollar bills to help your preschooler begin learning to count money.
  4. Monkey Balance Board: Help your preschooler work on balance, coordination, stability, posture and more with this fun balance board! This is especially great to help your little one expend some energy during those cold or rainy days.
  5. Water Beads: Water beads are excellent sensory toys that help with fine motor development and hand-eye coordination. You can simply place these in a sensory bin, the bathtub, or even a kiddie pool outside. The set includes scoopers and tweezers to help your little one move the beads around and engage in imaginary and representative play.
  6. Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Activity Book: Using scissors is a fun, albeit difficult skill for preschoolers to learn. This set includes special safety scissors for small hands that encourages proper form, along with puzzles, mazes, sequencing activities and more!
  7. Art Easel with Magnetic Numbers and Letters: Encourage creativity and academic learning with this adjustable-height art easel that includes a set of magnet letters and numbers
  8. Name Puzzle: Learning to read begins with name recognition, and this customizable wooden puzzle is a great tool to help kids learn to write their names!
  9. No-Mess Playfoam: Another great sensory toy, your preschooler will love squishing, squashing, and shaping this fun playfoam. Bonus: it’s less messy than play dough and doesn’t dry out!
  10. Leapfrog Daily Routines Activity Book: This interactive book  helps your preschooler understand daily routine and wellness skills, as well as teaches time, weather, the seasons, and more. It also helps with teaching your little one how to express emotions in a healthy way. NOTE: you’ll need the Leapfrog Learning System for this book to work!


Did we miss anything on your preschool gift list? Let us know; we love learning about new toys that promote creativity, learning, and development! PS if you’re looking for gifts for smaller children, check out this infant gift list and this toddler gift list that we curated.