Our Top 10 Infant Gifts

Looking for the perfect infant gift for baby’s first Christmas or birthday? Although an infant may still be a bit young to understand the concept of presents or holidays, it’s still adorable to watch their little hands wrestle with wrapping or tissue paper as they discover the joy of presents. And, as a parent, you can still get away with buying practical things that you’d need for your little one (yes it’s true, your babe might like the box better than the actual gift!). From our experience taking care of infants in our daycare center, here’s what we consider must-have infant gift favorites, curated by newborn-first birthday.



Newborns sleep…a lot (up to 18 hours per day!). In their waking hours, they don’t do much other than eat and hang out with their caretakers, but a playmat provides stimulation that helps them develop.

  • Fisher Price Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym: Super soft and plush, this playmat is extremely versatile and has a lot for baby to do (and grow with). Not only does it feature hanging toys to help baby learn to reach, but it also has five light-up piano keys that baby will delightfully kick to hear the various sounds and songs.
  • Disney Mr. Ray Ocean Lights Activity Gym: Super cute with a light-up string ray-themed canopy, this mat includes multi-sensory toys based on favorite undersea creatures and over 20 minutes of music and melodies.



Starting from about 4 months and onward, babies want to chew, chew, chew! Satisfy their teething needs with one of these teething toys.

  • Coffee Cup Teether: One word: adorable. Imagine your mini with their first cuppa joe, in the form of a teether, rattle, and shaker, all in one. This toy isn’t just for sore gums; the “beans” that baby can shake helps develop hand-eye coordination while offering auditory and visual stimulation. Best of all, it’s caffeine free 😉
  • Sophie the Giraffe Teether: A beloved, classic teether toy that’s been around for 50+ years, Sophie is made from 100% natural rubber. Your baby will love chewing on the various parts of Sophie (legs, ears, horns), and you can also purchase a gift set that comes with a cute counting book to help baby learn their first numbers.



Stackers are great for infant play because they help babies develop hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and fine/gross motor skills.

  • Fun on the Farm Stacker: A cute twist on a classic stacker, this one features a hand-sewn turtle, cow, lamb, pig, and hen, created from soft fabrics like percale, corduroy, and velour.
  • The First Years Stack up Cups: Brightly colored and embossed with numbers on the bottom, these stackable cups are a staple toy for infants.


Walking Support

  • Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo: Fun, fun, fun! Baby can safely and securely begin strengthening those sweet little legs with We love this one because it’s beautiful design and activities, including vibrant animals and multi-sensory toys.
  • VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker: A great toy that grows with baby’s needs, it features an interactive, removable play panel with an early learning center that helps baby’s cognitive development.
  • Yalion Walking Moccasins: A great first shoe for babies learning to walk, these are not just adorable — they provide good traction and support for those first wobbly steps.



If you want to go as practical as possible when it comes to infant gifts, parents always love gifts of diapers and wipes — but ask them first for brand/size preferences. 😉

Did we miss anything on your infant gift list? Let us know; we love learning about new toys that promote creativity, learning, and development! PS if you’re looking for toddler gifts, check out this toddler gift list we curated.