Preparing for Kindergarten in Preschool

Child Draws with Colored Pencils

Watching your child walk into kindergarten is a huge parenting moment; you feel like you’ve spent the last five years preparing for this very occasion, and you hope they’re ready! Preschool is really important when preparing for kindergarten, and The Breakie Bunch Learning Center’s preschool program can help ease the transition and encourage kindergarten success.


Why is Pre-K Beneficial?

Pre-k is foundational for little ones; it is likely their first experience in a structured classroom. Because of this, it might also feel overwhelming and scary to them. The goal is to work through those tough feelings and anxieties early so their success in kindergarten isn’t hindered in any way. Our pre-k program is designed to help them learn what to expect in school while also providing social and emotional support.


How Does Preschool Help My Child Prepare for Kindergarten?

Once your little one makes the transition to kindergarten, a lot of information is taught very quickly. Our pre-k program is set up with learning objectives to help them achieve success in all the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Language and literacy
  • Science


Pre-K Math Skills

We love to learn through play! And a surprising number of math subjects can be taught through creative play and exploration. In our preschool program, your child will learn all about concepts like counting and sorting, both essential in the kindergarten curriculum. Our phenomenal educators break down potentially confusing information into bite-size pieces that young minds can process.


Reading and Writing

We start reading quite early in our infant programs; we want all our students to love books as much as we do! By the time your child graduates from our preschool program, they will be familiar with the alphabet and letter sounds. Their kindergarten teacher will surely be impressed with their language skills!


Science in Preschool

Addressing all STEM objectives is no small feat, but it’s a priority for us. For the duration of our preschool program, your child will perform science experiments and learn about topics from wildlife to nutrition. Additionally, we try to create activities that are cross-curricular and include all of the subjects above.


How Does Preschool Support Our Home Efforts?

During this time, your child is going through so many transitions. Moving from preschool to kindergarten is a large enough transition, so we want to make going from home to childcare as easy as possible. We maintain your home schedule as best we can and keep in constant communication with parents to ensure success. Little ones thrive on routine, and we’re here to help!


Do You Provide Other Childcare?

We provide childcare for tons of ages! Our infant room supports early development, and we provide after-school childcare for children up to 12 years of age. High-quality childcare can be tricky to find, but we focus on well-rounded early childcare to increase rates of success in schools, both academically and socially.


Why Enroll in Pre-K?

Pre-k can be a wonderful, enjoyable experience for both you and your child as you make the transition to kindergarten. With our preschool programs, your child will make tons of friends, find academic success, and, when it’s time, acclimate to kindergarten in no time.