Fun Waterford Summer Activities

It is summertime, and the weather has warmed up. School is out (don’t forget to keep up a regular schedule!), and you’re excited to spend the hours with your little one, but also a tad daunted – you aren’t sure how to keep the kids entertained through the sweltering heat! Where’s a mom, dad, or caregiver to turn when the thermometer is topping out and little eyes look to you for relief? Relax; we’ve got you covered with some sure-to-please Waterford activities!


Top Waterford Activities with Kids

  • Water play
  • Animal encounters
  • Active adventures


Waterford Activities for Water Babies

If your little one could be mistaken for a mermaid because they love being wet, whether it is running in the sprinkler or going for a swim, here are some top choices for keeping cool by slipping your squiggly babes into their swimsuits.


Blue Heron Bay Splash Park – Located in Whitmore Lake, Blue Heron Bay Spray Park is not to be missed. For $10 per vehicle, the whole family can get a day pass into the Independence Lake County Park. There are restrooms, changing rooms, lockers, and delicious concessions. For an additional $5, you gain access to the splash pad, and you can re-enter if you choose to explore the beach and park!

Troy Family Aquatic Center – Looking for a full day of water and sand fun? Troy Family Aquatic Center is the spot for you! Twenty-five minutes from Waterford, it offers a main pool, tube and body slides, a kiddie area with a waterfall, splash pad, sand volleyball, a sand play area, and Harvey’s Hut Concession Stand. Additionally, it offers cabana areas for rent if you attend with a group!

Red Oaks Waterpark – Red Oaks Waterpark is offering its exciting River Walk again this year. This popular program has participants walk with or against the current on their River Ride after the park closes. All fitness levels and abilities are welcome!


Waterford Trips for Animal-Loving Kids

If your child had a choice, would they sleep outside, curled under a tree? If they only want to watch birds, pick up leaves, and stuff rocks in their pockets, we get it! Here are some Waterford activities to keep your nature lover feeling fulfilled this summer.


Howell Nature Center – The Howell Nature Center offers many exciting childcare opportunities. They have day and overnight camps, retreats, and many community education outreach events.

Children’s Pony Ranch –Children’s Pony Ranch, located in Trenton, offers pony and horse rides through scenic trails. You may not want to buy your child the horse they requested, but you can play pretend for a few hours!

The Reptarium – Perhaps your child prefers living things of the cold-blooded variety. Do we have a place for you! The Reptarium in Utica has some of the rarest reptiles within its collection. See the two-headed snake, get up close and personal with a Burmese python, and even get a chance to see their resident sloth!


Places for the Active Waterford Youth

We can’t forget a few places for those kids whose childcare and daycare reviews are always filled with notes that say, “Can’t stop moving.” For those, we have outdoor and indoor Waterford activities that are sure to please with child-generated non-stop action.

Hess-Hathaway Park– With a playground, Drayton Plains Nature Center, and a Riverwalk, Hess-Hathaway Park is sure to excite the pickiest of children in your childcare.

Playground at Gainsboro Park – We aren’t sure you’ve ever seen a playground until you’ve explored all there is to see at Gainsboro Park in Pleasant Ridge. Boasting an inverted rock wall, climbing loops, a merry-go-round, and spider webbing, it has everything your active kids need when looking for fun Waterford activities!

LEGOLAND Discovery Center – In need of Waterford activities to burn off all that energy for the little ones entrusted to your childcare? Check out LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Auburn Hills, just 25 minutes from Waterford! It is designed to please everyone with rides, movies, and numerous activities.


Summertime can be a challenge to keep children entertained when they are used to the excitement of daily daycare or childcare. The Breakie Bunch Learning Center offers Summer Camp, along with its traditional offerings of daycare and preschool learning opportunities. Contact us and discuss how we can help your child develop the most incredible summer memories!