What Are the 5 Best Qualities of a Daycare Teacher?

Daycare worker high fives children during class

You are ready to sign your little one up for daycare, and each facility promises they are wonderful and offer the latest in childhood development. They all seem bright and fantastic, so how do you know which is best? Look to the teachers. Here are some of the finest qualities to consider in a daycare teacher.


What Does a Daycare Teacher Do?

Some people (those not in the know) compare daycare teachers to glorified babysitters. They could not be more mistaken. A daycare teacher’s job is much greater than just watching the children. They keep your children safe and are responsible for their pupils’ health, social development, nutrition, and educational start.


Top 5 Qualities of a Daycare Teacher

Many things can make a person a good employee, but it takes a unique individual to work as a daycare teacher, starting children on their educational journey. Here are some standout qualities that will help make someone a superstar daycare teacher.


  1. Education
  2. Personal demeanor
  3. Discipline
  4. Love of children
  5. Patience


  1. Education and training– If you want to be a daycare teacher, there are specific educational standards that you will be required to meet, and some that you may want to attain to reach higher levels within your profession. You may be required to get a high school diploma or GRE at the bare minimum. Additionally, earning your First Aid and CPR certifications is a good idea and something that you can do for free or for a low cost through American Red Cross courses.


  1. Modeling good behavior– As a daycare teacher, you will be a role model for all your students. Your every move will be watched and mirrored, so you want to be on your toes when all those eyes and ears are on you.


  1. Set clear guidelines– Your pupils will come from many different homes with varying levels of discipline, so you want to ensure that your classroom has clear and constant rules and messaging. The finest daycare teachers understand that the best way to have a well-performing class is to head off problems before they start, so set up strategies to manage behavior and get your students to buy into working as part of the greater whole.


  1. Love working with children– It sounds so simple, but one of the best qualities of a top daycare teacher is to love working with children. Being a daycare teacher is a tough job because you are dealing with many different personalities while also teaching them about the world around them. Throw in learning how to share and manage big emotions; it can be a recipe for disaster if the right teacher isn’t there to show them the ropes!


  1. Patience for the work– Teaching young children doesn’t always give immediate results. You need to be patient while waiting for the “ah-ha!” moment with the little ones. It may take four weeks to try and teach sharing, but when you see a toddler offer a cracker to their neighbor, it will all be worth it. Keeping a positive and sunny approach will be your saving grace.


Being a daycare teacher is not for the faint of heart. You are offering to be in charge of people’s children, keeping them safe and teaching them how to interact with the world around them. The Breakie Bunch Learning Center prides itself on considering our students as family and would be pleased to have you join us if this sounds like you!