Looking for Goodrich Infant Care?

What are the top things to consider when looking for infant care in Goodrich, MI? Location? Hours? Quality of caregivers?

Everyone seems to be promising the same things in Goodrich daycares, so what sets a caregiver apart? Let’s break Goodrich infant care down to set your mind at ease and help you pick the best choice for your child.


What is Expected in Quality Goodrich Infant Care?

We all want what is best for our children. Researching nutrition, sleep, and child safety – you can exhaust yourself trying to ensure you do right by your children. But what is quality care for infants?


5 Top Things to Look for in a Goodrich Daycare:

  1. Safe and secure settings with low adult-to-child ratios
  2. Caregivers or teachers with early childhood development training
  3. Age-appropriate toys
  4. Opportunities for outdoor activities
  5. Exposure to motor, social, language, and cognitive development


What Things Need to be Focused on In Quality Goodrich Infant Care Centers?

Four areas are vital to an infant’s development, and you want to select a Goodrich daycare provider that can support and nurture all of them. They include:

  1. Physical development
  2. Social and emotional development
  3. Thinking (cognitive) skills
  4. Language development


Physical development: As your infant develops over their first year, they will rapidly gain new skills and abilities. You want a Goodrich daycare that keeps safety in mind, and that has items to expand and support the ongoing development. You want to know that baby’s sleep is protected, their food is nutritious, and their body is challenged as they grow.

Social and emotional development: A Goodrich daycare with a strong infant care program will support social and emotional growth by integrating items such as taking turns, how to treat others, making friends, and learning how to share.

Thinking (cognitive) skills: These skills can be heightened through play with activities like peek-a-boo, counting, various age-appropriate toys, and other natural off-shoots of an infant’s native curiosity. Exposing infants to books through reading, nursery rhymes, and songs are all ways to boost cognitive skills.

Language development: An infant’s language development takes off by hearing words, so you want to ensure that your caregiver will often speak to your infant, supporting the concept of language, the give-and-take of speaking, and the response that makes up a conversation. In addition, singing to them helps with their cognitive skills and boosts their language development. So, turn up the music and let those brains grow!


How Does The Breakie Bunch Goodrich Infant Care Room Match Your Needs?

The Breakie Bunch Goodrich Learning Center takes infant care seriously. Once you join us, we consider you part of our family. Therefore, we will work directly with you so that when you leave your infant with us, you will have complete confidence that your choice of Goodrich infant care was the right one.

We look at each child as the unique individual that they are and recognize that their schedule needs to stay consistent between home and school. Having a dependable, highly trained staff giving you daily updates will give you confidence that your infant is known and recognized and on their developmental journey. In addition, our nurturing environment will support and stimulate your infant so that we become an essential part of your infant’s growth care team.