Finding the Best Daycare for Your Family

With so many options, how can you figure out the best daycare for your family? Do you wonder, “Can it be the daycare near me?” First, let’s look at the different types of daycares and why people might choose one over another.


What are the Types of Daycares?

  • Traditional daycare center
  • In-home daycare
  • Preschool


What is a Traditional Daycare Center?

A traditional daycare center generally provides childcare during standard working hours. These charge monthly instead of hourly and supply meals and a structured routine for large groups of children. They are businesses and can be in stand-alone structures, religious institutions, schools, or community centers.


What is an In-Home Daycare?

An in-home daycare is, much as it sounds, a daycare that is run out of a house. However, these have much smaller groups of children and are run by a licensed care provider. Age-appropriate activities will be provided, and all required safety standards will be met.


What is the Difference Between Preschool and Daycare?

By the time your child is two, you can choose to enroll them in a preschool program rather than daycare. With this designation, they will learn basic academic skills and the typical daycare age-appropriate activities. 


What Should You Consider When Looking at a Daycare?

There are many things to consider when trying to find the best daycare for your family. However, it is essential to focus on:

Program/curriculum – do you want a daycare focusing on social-emotional development? Is your idea of the best daycare one that is aware of the latest in early STEM learning?

School environment – what does the classroom look like? Is it warm and inviting? Are age-appropriate toys in evidence? Is it clean? Safe?

Teaching staff – How long has the staff been employed there? Is there a high rate of turnover? What is their level of training?

Daily activities – is your concept of the best daycare one that allows the kids to get outside each day? Do you want one that goes on field trips? Make sure that the daycare you look at matches what you envision.

Recommendations – read reviews. Ask around. Don’t be shy to see how each daycare stacks up with other daycares near you.

First impression – It’s true; first impressions are lasting. How did you feel when you first walked into the daycare? Was the feeling warm and inviting?


Why is The Breakie Bunch Learning Center The Best Daycare For Your Family?

The Breakie Bunch Learning Center is more than just a daycare. We strive to have you consider yourself part of our family. We utilize the Tadpoles app so that you have access to check in on your child throughout the day.

Our teaching staff, most with early education degrees, are dedicated to ensuring your child has a safe, happy, stimulating daycare experience. Not only do we provide a strong focus on social and emotional development, but we also introduce STEM in all our programs. Sign language is taught in every classroom, and Spanish begins once children reach our Toddlers program.

When you think, “What is the best daycare for my family?” we want you to consider The Breakie Bunch Learning Center. We reach out every day to break the concept of people going to the “daycare near me” and have them instead look for the “best daycare.” We are confident if you come in to meet us, you’ll leave assured that you have found your home.