Looking for Daycare in Goodrich, Michigan: Set Your Expectations High

There are great options for daycare in Michigan and specifically in Goodrich. Guidance and oversight from licensing agencies are clear, and expectations are kept high when handling our youngest Michiganders. So, what does a first-time daycare shopper look for in a Goodrich daycare program?


5 Reasonable Expectations for Daycare in Michigan: 

  • Clean environment
  • Informative instructors
  • Nutritious meals
  • Strong communication
  • Engaging Curriculum


Expect Your Goodrich Daycare to Have a Clean Environment

Daycare in Michigan has long followed a high standard of cleanliness; however, the standard was increased in light of COVID-19. Additional measures were put in place, and daycares across Michigan rose to the occasion. When touring a Goodrich daycare in consideration of enrollment, asking what protocols are in place to keep your child healthy in any situation is appropriate.


Informative Instructors Keep Learning Interesting

Talk to the instructors in your local Goodrich daycare about the curriculum they use to teach their different child groups. Are they excited about the curriculum, or do they sound tired? How the teacher presents information shapes your child’s development each day, so finding a teacher who is on fire with enthusiasm will be great for your youngster.


Nutritious Meals at No Extra Charge

Give your kiddo the best advantage with well-balanced meals throughout the day. Packing a lunch can be a haphazard event each morning, so a Goodrich daycare that takes that task off your plate (pun intended!) has your child’s success in mind. In addition, the peace of mind that your child receives nutritious meals and socialization with peers daily is priceless.


Look for Strong Communication Between Parents and Teachers

When you tour a daycare in Michigan that you are considering for your kids, watch the interaction between parents and teachers. These teachers are your partners in the growth and development of your young child as they adjust to the daycare; therefore, strong communication is a must. Being open and available to each other to ask and answer questions will be a dream arrangement for any parent and teacher.


Be Sure the Michigan Daycare Presents an Engaging Curriculum

While you tour daycares in Michigan, consider sitting in on a class or two that matches your child’s age. Are the children engaged? It is one thing for the teacher to be excited about what they are teaching, but are the children attentive or bored? Is it age-appropriate? Do the children demonstrate that they understand what is being taught? Imagine your child in that class – would they be interested or tuned out?


Daycare and childcare centers are imaginative places where children spend their formative years learning how to share, navigate meltdowns, and develop social skills. Daycare is also where parents begin to partner in their child’s education and learn to accept input from other adults about their child’s development and growth. (Not including the helpful insight from grandparents every step of the way.)

Take your time and find the Goodrich daycare center that best matches your child’s needs and personality. Need more tips on how to find the right daycare in Michigan? Contact The Breakie Bunch Learning Center today. We love to share information on excellent daycare options!