How to Have a Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Celebration

child with sparkler

Holiday events can look a little different with little ones around, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. We’ll teach you how to plan a kid-friendly and parent-approved celebration this New Year’s Eve.


New Year’s Eve Craft Ideas:

  • Time capsule creations
  • Crafting confetti
  • Countdown gift surprise

You can alter these New Year’s activities for different age groups to include toddlers and even infants. We have plenty of activities to help keep your kids entertained and learning within whatever time frame you choose.

Time Capsule Creations

With a new year comes reflection. Often in the days approaching NYE, we recall memories created and set resolutions for the following year. Time capsules are a fun way for kids to seal up their memories and open them years later. These time capsules can include small toys, pictures, artwork, or letters to their future selves – the possibilities are endless.

Parents can join in on the fun or create precious little time capsules for their infants by including little shoes, pacifiers, or polaroids from earlier in the night. Even though the infant baby won’t remember, the time capsule will serve as a physical memory of their very first New Year’s Eve.

Crafting and Confetti

It’s no secret that children love to make messes, so why not channel that energy into confetti creation. Kids can tear and rip up cardboard paper into little confetti pieces or make other party favors, like streamers, to celebrate the New Year. When all of the confetti is ready, parents can make it rain confetti from the sky once the ball drops. You don’t need to wait until midnight for the confetti party if that doesn’t suit your family; have a ball drop of your own, or watch an earlier broadcast of the ball drop on channels that cater to younger children.

Your infant doesn’t have to be left out of the crafting extravaganza either! Craft with your little one by creating a new year’s keepsake painting that includes their little fingers and toes. Do this every year and see how big and fast they grow with each passing New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Goodies

There is so much fun that comes along with the anticipation of the New Year’s Eve ball drop. For kids with little patience, the waiting part may not be as fun. One way to keep the excitement going is to have little treat bags for every hour leading up to midnight (or whatever time your ball drop will be). These little treat bags can be as straightforward or as extravagant as you wish. If you’re throwing a parent party, you can even create gift bags for the adults with fun New Year’s Eve themed accessories.