3 Waterford Parks Your Children Will Love

Children swing in the park

Playing outside and soaking up the sunshine are some of the best things you can do with your child. Turn those screens off and get ready to discover the hidden park gems of Waterford, Michigan. Whether you’ve just moved to the area or are looking for a new and unique spot to take your child this summer, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Waterford parks for you and your kiddo to enjoy.


The Importance of Outdoor Play

Did you know that playing outdoors is key to early childhood development? Outdoor play helps children learn social skills, provides an opportunity to explore, and encourages imagination and physical activity. We at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center know the importance of this and feature outdoor play in our summer camp and preschool curriculum whenever we can, but it’s important to visit the best Waterford parks when your child is at home!


Top 3 Favorite Parks in Waterford

  1. Hess-Hathaway Park
  2. Waterford Oaks County Park
  3. Dodge #4 State Park


Hess-Hathaway Park

If you don’t already know about Hess-Hathaway Park, you’re missing out! Located on South Williams Lake Road, Hess-Hathaway has everything your child could dream of. Explore the 165 acres for educational nature walks on the trails or pet the beloved animals on the farm. Check out the summer concerts in June and the community garden for around-the-year fun.

The farm-themed All Kids Playground is one of the most accessible Waterford parks for children with disabilities. With a unique maze for the kids and a log bridge, your children will be endlessly amused!


Waterford Oaks County Park

Waterford Oaks, located on Scott Lake Road, is the perfect park to visit 365 days out of the year. With miles of trails, a bicycle motocross track, and volleyball and tennis courts, this Waterford Park is great for athletic activities for you and your child. Their playground, called Paradise Peninsula, is Michigan themed, with cabins and tree house structures. The colorful rubber ground even depicts Michigan’s lakes and forests!

Has your child’s school called a snow day and canceled class? No stress: this Waterford park is beautiful in the winter. Take your children to Waterford Oaks for some unforgettable sledding!

In the summer, enjoy a local farmers market with delicious produce and beautiful flowers. On those sweltering hot days, explore the main attraction (and every kid’s dream)—the waterpark! With a pool, tubing, and a water playground, your children will love splashing around with their friends for hours.


Dodge #4 State Park

If you’re looking to explore nature, try Dodge #4 State Park! With a sandy beach and a mile-long shoreline on Cass Lake, this beautiful Waterford Park is an excellent choice for summer and winter water activities with your children.

Take the whole family to the shore for a day of swimming, boating, and fishing. When you’re in need of some shade, set up at one of their picnic spots and play on the swing set and sand volleyball pit. When it snows, try your hand at cross-country skiing and making snow angels!

With outdoor play so important for your child’s growth, it’s crucial to find a park they’ll love. Explore our favorite Waterford parks and add them to your own park rotation for a variety of outdoor explorations the kiddos can enjoy all year long!