Our Favorite Waterford Parks

Getting outside is one of the best things you can do for you and the family. Here in Waterford, we have a great Parks and Rec department and some awesome outdoor spots to choose from. The rainy spring is ending and it’s about time to head out and enjoy the outdoors! Whether you’re looking for an event to attend in town, trails to walk, or the best playground for your little one, Waterford has what you are looking for. Below, we’ll name a couple of our faves and you’ll have to let us know yours!

Hess-Hathaway Park

You can’t talk about favorite parks in Waterford and leave out Hess-Hathaway. It’s where everything goes down. Located on South Williams Lake Road, Hess-Hathaway has almost everything you could want in a park. Originally the property known as Lone Cedar Farm, the park you know now as Hess-Hathaway was gifted to Waterford by Mrs. Myrtle Hess in 1985. A farmer and a lover of the outdoors herself, she willed this property on the condition it be used by the citizens of Waterford Township to enjoy nature and the outdoors as much as she did. And it is clearly being put to perfect use. There is even a community garden for residents.

In 2002, Hess-Hathaway added The All Kids Playground, which is accessible for kids with all disabilities. Along with this playground, you can rent buildings for parties, walk the trails, and even see some farm animals (and sponsor one if you’re so inclined).

The park also hosts many events during the summer months. One of our favorites is the concerts every Thursday evening in June. It’s a great outing for the whole family.

Waterford Oaks and Waterpark

If you want action, Waterford Oaks is the place to be. Located on 199 acres over on Scott Lake Road, this park will have you set for hours. Not only does it have miles of trails, but the park is also home to the Waterford Oaks Bicycle Motocross Track, volleyball and tennis courts, and a family sledding hill in the wintertime. Like HH, this park has areas available for rent, a playground, and even boasts the Oakland County Farmer’s Market. The market provides fresh produce, flowers, and goods three days a week.

The waterpark, open June through Labor Day, has everything you could ever want in a waterpark. There’s a pool, tubing, and kid’s water playground — they even have concessions from the Blue Water Grill.

Waterford, Michigan is chock full of things to do. You can choose a park above, head to the Drayton Plains Nature Center, or go to Elizabeth Lake Woods Park — which is over 300 acres of a nature preserve with primitive trails. We even have a public canoe landing if that’s your thing! Located on the Clinton River at Elizabeth Lake Road, there are 2.5 acres with a public landing, kids play area, and grills to have some lunch after your adventure on the water. No matter your preference for outdoor activities, there is a park in Waterford for you and the family. Do you have a favorite outdoor space in Waterford? Let us know!