Healthy, Thrifty, and Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Being stuck inside because the weather is uncooperative can really be a downer for youngsters. Instead of your kids being bored or turning to television for entertainment, why not provide them with some healthy diversions? Here’s how to turn those boring, rainy days into opportunities for fun and learning, and you don’t even have to spend a lot to do it.

Presto Chango!

Do you have a mad scientist or mathematician in your midst? Even kids who aren’t usually scientifically or mathematically oriented can enjoy spending a day engaged in play activities that build STEM skills. For instance, your kiddos can create homemade puffy paint from standard craft supplies, and they will love what they can make with paint that’s 3D. Or, you can turn your kitchen into a laboratory, making scientific experiments by measuring, calculating, and compounding ingredients you have on hand. And as Mama in the Know points out, LEGO activities are a hot topic these days when it comes to supplementing children’s STEM experiences. You can outfit your future engineer with kits from online retailers, and stretch your dollars by using an Amazon promo code. Your kid’s day will go from tedious to terrific!

Play’s the Thing

If you ask a child if she would like to spend the day building vocabulary, studying grammar, and enhancing her communication skills, chances are she’ll roll her eyes. However, there are ample ways to disguise these educational goals with playtime fun. There are free word games on the web, you can play charades, or invite in a group of her friends and encourage them to act out a play. Take the fun up a notch by assembling costumes and props. Pull things from your closets, dust off Halloween costumes, and consider investing in a few extras so you have a good selection for when boring, rainy days come along. Retailers like Walmart offer free shipping to your home when you spend $35 or more, or you can ship to the store at no cost. Shop their current selection of costumes by clicking here, and get ready to enjoy the show!

Make Some Masterpieces

Doing arts and crafts offers ample benefits to youngsters. Kiwi Families explains that creative play helps kids learn to better express emotions, encourages the development of fine motor skills, and enhances their social skills. Consider assembling a variety of paints, crayons, papers, and other craft supplies to keep your kiddo entertained, learning, and growing. Make some potato stamps, piece together banners to decorate bedrooms, or kids can just make some traditional artwork to decorate the walls. Children can watch online tutorials for free, and you can purchase art supplies from retailers like Dick Blick, who offers pre-configured kits to take the guesswork out of what you need — just check their website for current offers and discounts. It’s a thrifty way for you to supply all your budding artist’s needs!

Ahoy, Matey!

Would your landlubbers enjoy a hearty indoor, rainy day treasure hunt? Consider putting together the works and surprising youngsters with props, clues, and hidden “treasures” throughout your home. It’s a chance for them to use their imaginations, problem-solve, and use reading comprehension. “Treasures” needn’t be expensive, either, since you can find ample goodies from stores like Dollar General. From feather boas and puzzles to toys and games, there is a bit of everything. Capitalize on the low prices and check their website for the current selection and discounts. Batten down the hatches — it’s bound to be fun!

Rainy days don’t need to dampen youngsters’ spirits. When kids are stuck inside, put together some educational and fun activities. It’s an inexpensive opportunity to not only brighten their day but also enhance growth and learning.