Family-Fun Activities Near Goodrich

Family flying a kite

After a long week of preschool or daycare, your toddlers will want nothing more than a weekend of family fun and adventure. There are plenty of activities around our Breakie Bunch Goodrich location that your kids can enjoy, so we have narrowed down our favorite places to have some family time. Here are our top three picks for family activities near Goodrich:

  • Sea Life Aquarium
  • Longway Planetarium
  • Wilderness Trails Zoo

There are so many reasons why spending time with your child is essential. We know that child development is key, especially when it comes to daycare, so these places are fun and an excellent way for toddlers to learn outside of the classroom.

Sea Life Aquarium

Kid looking at shark at aquarium

With twelve interactive aquarium exhibits and over 350 different sea creature species, you won’t want to miss out on visiting the Sea Life Aquarium. Located in Auburn Hills, this attraction is just a short drive on I-75 from the Goodrich area. Whether your toddlers are into observing different types of fish, enjoying a show, or feeding some of the animals, they will love all that this aquarium has to offer. If you’ve enjoyed your visit to the Sea Life aquarium, you can come back with your whole class! Check out the teacher resources for a preschool workshop on Hermit Crabs.

Longway Planetarium

The Longway Planetarium is located within the Sloan Museum at Courtland in Flint, a quick ride over from Goodrich. The planetarium isn’t just a show stopper for adult parents – these screens will wow your preschool-aged children by mimicking the sky. This planetarium boasts several attractions and shows related to lights, stars, and our galaxy. The Longway Planetarium also offers sensory-friendly shows that provide a welcoming, safe space for special needs children. Whether you’re interested in sitting down to enjoy a show or learning more about all that inhabits space, the planetarium is the perfect family activity to enjoy with children of any age, including toddlers.

Wilderness Trails Zoo

two tigers

The Wilderness Trails Zoo is a great attraction for kids of all ages to enjoy and observe some exotic animals. With over 56 acres, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy, including petting areas, feeding stations. Walk the trails of this zoo and count how many different animals you will meet along the way. With only $9.50 for admission, preschool-aged children can join in on the wild zoo animal fun. If you’re looking for something fun to do near Goodrich, learn more about the adventures taking place at the Wilderness Trails Zoo.

The Importance of Childcare

Having a fun, safe place for kids to learn is essential, both inside and outside the classroom setting. Though having fun is a priority, there is much more to consider when choosing a childcare center or preschool for your toddler. We have information that will help you choose the right childcare provider for all of the considerations that matter most to you.

To learn more about our childcare services, check out our page.