Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

Finding the perfect preschool for your little one is such an exciting time! There’s so much to consider – the childcare that you choose for your child has a huge impact on their development. There are tons of preschool facilities in both the Goodrich and Waterford areas, so how are you supposed to choose? At The Breakie Bunch Learning Center, we believe in research-based teaching methods that will set your little one up for success.


Why is The Breakie Bunch Learning Center a Great Preschool?

There are several things that make our preschool and childcare top-notch.

The top five things to consider when choosing a preschool are:

  1. Curriculum and approach
  2. Teachers and staff
  3. Facilities and safety
  4. Location and convenience
  5. Parental involvement


What is The Breakie Bunch’s Learning Approach?

Different preschools have different learning objectives and curriculums; we focus on play-based learning to encourage social and emotional development. Open-ended play allows children to learn at their own pace and have fun doing it.

As your child ages, we can help you find their learning styles and help to understand their learning needs in the future, which is the perfect prep for kindergarten! Our preschool program is specifically curated to prepare kids for school success with a focus on science, literature, math, writing, and more.


Exceptional Teachers and Staff

The teachers and staff at a preschool play a crucial role in your child’s development. Look for a childcare facility that has experienced, trained, and caring teachers who are passionate and educated about working with young children. Observe how teachers and children interact and how much attention each kid receives. Additionally, pay attention to class sizes. Ideally, the class size should be small, and the teacher-child ratio should be low, ensuring individualized attention.


Safe Childcare Facilities

Safety is the most crucial consideration when choosing a childcare facility. Look for a preschool that has age-appropriate facilities and is safe and secure. Check for safety measures such as secure entrances, proper fencing, well-maintained equipment, and appropriate staffing.


Convenient Locations for Childcare

The location and convenience of the preschool you choose are also important factors to consider. Once you find a childcare facility that is convenient to your home or workplace, make sure to check out their hours of operation to ensure it works with your schedule. Fortunately, we have flexible pick-up and drop-off schedules at both our Waterford and Goodrich locations.


Involving Parents

Look for a preschool that encourages parental involvement, such as volunteering opportunities and regular parent-teacher conferences. This helps you stay informed and engaged with your child’s progress. At The Breakie Bunch, we believe teachers and parents are a team and that working together fosters the best learning environment for your little one.


The Breakie Bunch Can Help

The philosophy and values of a preschool can impact your child’s development and worldview. Finding a childcare facility that aligns with research and your parenting methods can be tricky, but The Breakie Bunch Learning Center is here to help! Whether you’re looking for infant childcare or even summer camps, we believe we can help your child succeed and put a smile on their face.