Best Parks in Goodrich for Kids Under 5

The goal of many parents is to get their kids to sleep well, so they try to find activities that are both mentally and physically engaging. Outside time nearly always helps children sleep, so getting active at a local Goodrich park is a great way to spend time outdoors and support your child’s development.


The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits of Playing Outdoors

It’s important for children’s development to spend some time playing outside. Hand-eye coordination improves when children learn to play in nature. Regular exposure to the outdoors increases a child’s ability to learn and can also lower the symptoms of ADHD by training their brains to focus more efficiently.

Children who spend a large amount of time in nature tend to have increased emotional stability and good mental health. Parks are also excellent places for parents to bond with their children and for youngsters to meet new people in their neighborhood.

If you’re looking for things to do in Goodrich and want to support your child’s mental, physical, and emotional development, you’ll want to explore our list of the best Goodrich parks for kids and caregivers.


Why Is Goodrich, Michigan Such a Great Place for Families?

Goodrich is a great place for families because it has a rural, relaxed feel and excellent parks. The community is very safe, has a strong focus on children’s development, and offers many family-friendly things to do in Goodrich.


What Are the Best Goodrich Parks for Kids Under 5?

While you may have a favorite park or a neighborhood playground that you frequent, it’s always good to know what the other options are so both you and your child can experience a change of scenery when you’re looking for new things to do in Goodrich.


3 Best Goodrich Parks for Kids

  • Seymour Lake Township Park
  • Children’s Park
  • Macomb Corners Park


Seymour Lake Township Park

If you’re looking for things to do in Goodrich, Seymour Lake Township Park is every caregiver’s dream. It’s fenced and has restrooms and multiple shady spots to sit and have a picnic. Plus, the park itself is very engaging for kids with lots of areas to climb, slide, and play.


Children’s Park

Located by Painter’s Creek Trail is Children’s Park, with a parking lot nearby. The Children’s Park has three slides and play structures specifically meant for littles. It’s fenced with ample seating and lots of space for kids to run around if they aren’t into the playground. This Goodrich park is big enough for kiddos to have fun, but not so big they get overwhelmed.


Macomb Corners Park

This Goodrich park is a great place for families. It has play structures for both bigger kids and for littles, along with ample swings. If your child is more interested in exploring the environment than the play structures, there is a well-maintained path around the baseball diamonds with plenty of benches for snack breaks.


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