What Does It Take to Be to Be a Preschool Teacher?

Childcare worker leads storytime in the classroom

Every job has its requirements, both educational and personal, that allow someone to be a standout in its field. But how does one become a spectacular preschool teacher? Do you have to be a blood relative of Mr. Rogers to speak the unique language of children? Let’s look at the requirements and skill sets required for the role.


What Does a Preschool Teacher Do?

First, let’s look at what preschool teachers do. Often, preschool teachers are the first teachers, other than parents, that a child has. In preschool, the focus is less on specific knowledge and more on skills that the children need to develop.

Since children under six learn best via playing, experimenting, and problem-solving, it is important to work these into your lesson plans. You will expose your students to colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and the world’s wonders through scientific and social exploration. Depending on your school’s curriculum, you may also introduce your students to exciting extras, like Spanish or sign language.

Additionally, while doing all this, you, as their preschool teacher, will be helping your students navigate the difficult transition between toddlerhood and elementary school – thus the preschool designation. These can be difficult social and emotional times for them, and you can help teach them to express their feelings and moods in healthy ways. In addition, developing the ability to make good choices will lay a foundation that will serve them for the rest of their lives.



What Are the Skill Sets Needed to be a Preschool Teacher?

After all the red tape, what are some soft skills that assist with being a preschool teacher? Are you a sunny personality, singing as you pick up around the house? Let’s see if you naturally fit the skill set of a preschool teacher.

  • Balanced
  • Creative
  • Strong communicator
  • Energetic
  • Collaborative


Balanced approach to life – You are easy-going, patient, and calm, and you’ll need that Zen approach when you’re helping to teach preschoolers how to share the last pack of crackers. Sudden rainy days washing out field trips may stretch your resolve, but you’ve handled worse, and, as their preschool teacher, you’ll lead your class to see the rainbow every time. May you be the model they follow when they head off to elementary school next year.


Creativity is your middle name – Your friends may laugh at your stick figures, but you’re the next Picasso to your preschool class. You’ll be able to show your class, as their preschool teacher, that everyone can be an artist. And thanks to your creative flair, empty tissue boxes and pipe cleaners will never go to waste!


Communication is vital – Communication is much more than merely speaking and listening. And you know that because this is one of your superpowers. Preschool teachers must be able to see and understand what their pupils are trying to tell them in many different ways.


Energy to spare – When they were handing out batteries, they gave you the ultra-high voltage. So, you are not just energetic; you are also sunny and optimistic. When your students come into your room to learn, they will be greeted by a preschool teacher ready to engage with them and get excited for a brand-new day of learning.


Don’t observe; collaborate – You want your students to feel part of a whole, not as if they are watching a lecture. So, make learning fun and dress up! Sing songs with them! Do the funny dances and watch how quickly your class picks up the things you teach them.


Being a preschool teacher isn’t for the weak and retiring among us. It takes a brave individual to walk into a classroom and face down three-, four-, and five-year-olds day after day with a bright smile and energized disposition. But if you know you want to accept the challenge to teach them the skills they need to progress to kindergarten and set a firm foundation for the rest of their academic life, then being a preschool teacher is the right career for you! So, join us at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center, where we love to be known as the home away from home for all our students!