3 Reasons Why You Should Work at a Daycare

If you are considering a career in early childhood education and looking at working at a daycare, chances are you already know a bit about what’s expected and why you would be a good fit. To help cement that a bit more and provide that additional clarity, we’ll talk about the top three reasons to work in childcare as a daycare teacher.


Why Should You Work at a Daycare?

  • New Day = New Challenges
  • Big Impact
  • Opportunities for Growth


New Day = New Challenges

Working as a daycare teacher means working in an environment that never gets boring. You’ve got routines and structure to help manage the time, but the little humans that are in your care are going through something new every day. You get to see the kids through new stages of development and watch as their personalities emerge and they grow into themselves. Each stage of development brings new challenges, as does dealing with these changes in a group environment.

Working at a daycare is a great option for those that prefer to play instead of being in front of a computer or in a cubicle all day. It’s a great opportunity to have fun – remember that phrase, “dance like no one is watching?” With kids, the more free their daycare teacher is, the more permission they have to let loose and be uninhibited and joyful. You get to experience each day with the wonder and joy of a child.

Big Impact

When you work at a daycare, you have the unique opportunity to have a significant influence on not one but many young children. Children that are of daycare age are developing and learning everything. They are experiencing emotions and learning how to engage in social settings, adjust to new situations, and manage themselves.

Kids need positive role models that can guide them through naming and navigating all of their new emotions while making sure they know it’s okay for them to feel all the emotions, not just happy ones. This is a primary role of daycare teachers (going beyond play and programming), and we cannot overstate the impact that this has on the children. Few roles are this interactive, engaging, and impactful.

Opportunities for Growth

If you work in childcare, you’re not working in a stagnant field. As we learn more about the growth and development of children and infants, there are continual changes to philosophy and programming that top-notch daycare teachers know to keep up with. Staying on top of the latest research will ensure you’re able to rise within the industry.

There are so many opportunities to level up your skills and explore different niches. Did you know that outdoor play and loose-parts play have specialists within the early childhood education field? The opportunities for growth as a daycare teacher are endless.


Is Working at a Daycare Right for You?

We hope this list has shed some light on why working at a daycare may be a good fit for you. When looking at a job in child care as a daycare teacher with us, additional things to consider include the programming we offer and how fulfilling you would find it to work with children in such a diverse and engaging way. If these reasons are speaking to you, consider joining our team at The Breakie Bunch!