Why Your Preschooler Will Love STEM

If your child has shown interest in any of the four STEM subjects, you may want to provide them with some toys and activities to challenge their brains and help them learn new things. It is never too early to introduce new subjects while sparking new interests in your child’s life!


What is STEM?

STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) was introduced in 2001 and became most popular in the classroom. STEM allows teachers to combine these four subjects into one program, encouraging kids of all ages to use everything they have learned to execute fun and exciting projects. Any combination of two or more of these pillars makes for a great STEM activity for your preschooler.


The Benefits of STEM for Your Preschooler


STEM activities and learning in early childhood positively impact literacy, language development, and math skills. Focusing on these skills at a young age makes it easier for your child to succeed throughout life. In addition, providing these multisensory experiences allows your child to learn, grow, and thrive starting at a young age.

Allowing children to explore these different disciplines from such an early age helps them build a foundation of learning they will carry with them for years. There are many options out there, so we wanted to compile a list of our favorite STEM toys for preschoolers.


Our 5 Recommendations for Preschool-Age STEM Toys

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

Jarrby STEM Linx

Magnetic Human Body Anatomy

Magnetic Building Tiles

Kiwi Co & Cratejoy Subscriptions


Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

While we don’t often promote screen-based activities, Osmo is on our list for a reason. So, place a tablet on the base provided and let the fun begin! There are four educational games in the kit that will help your child learn letter recognition, practice drawing techniques using squiggle magic, and develop problem-solving skills through a set of stories. It’s interactive, fun, and teaches your kid new things. It’s at the top of our list for a reason!


Jarrby STEM Linx

Kids can snap pieces of this kit together, allowing them to make all kinds of creations. The pieces are sturdy plastic and come with a durable vinyl bag that allows for portability and easy cleanup! There are even downloadable “idea sheets” with illustrations that parents have access to, showing ways to create letters, animals, and much more with these fun STEM toys.


Magnetic Human Body Play Set

The human body STEM toy is one of our most popular recommendations. Safe for ages three and up, it allows kids to mix and match 24 different pieces while teaching them about different systems in the body and maybe even sparking a love for science.


Magnetic 3D Building Tiles 

These building magnets have continued to take over households providing hours of imaginative entertainment for kids. These magnetic tiles allow your child to learn about magnets by creating buildings, cars, towers, or anything they want. The tiles are incredibly durable and help your child gain coordination. In addition, they are easy for kids to share and use together. The building options are endless, and the kids love them.


KiwiCo & Cratejoy Subscription Kits

While this isn’t a STEM toy, we had to make sure we added it to the list. These subscription boxes are shipped right to your door with projects and activities for your preschool-age kids.

For KiwiCo, all boxes also have a theme and often include a book! They focus on all aspects of STEM, allowing your child to expand their knowledge and skills with something new every month. In addition, the Cratejoy boxes engage kids in fun learning and experiments, including a Slime-specific subscription!

STEM continues to be popular thanks to its combination of skills and knowledge to create fun and interactive activities for all ages. So do your research and grab some of our favorite STEM toys to see how beneficial STEM activities are for preschoolers. You will have fun teaching, helping, and watching them grow and thrive as they continue to learn new things.