Why Work in Daycare?

Working in daycare is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. When you get to spend your entire day with kids, even you, the adult, will learn something new. Getting the chance to help those littles grow and learn while their parents are at work is an honor. Not just anyone can take care of someone else’s children. It takes patience, creativity, and even a little bit of humor. At the end of the day, you may be exhausted, but you will know you put your all into helping moms and/or dads with their kiddos. How cool is that?

Fun Times

First of all, working with kids is FUN. In a daycare job, you are mostly teaching through play.  You get to color, read stories, and play games. We love teaching the children new things. To see them discover something new is one of the best experiences on the job. We get to make messes and help their little hands develop motor skills. Crafts just might be the favorite activity among our staff. And admit it — getting a little messy is the best.

Making a Difference

When you work with young kids (or kids of any age!) on a daily basis, you have an impact on who they are and who they become. You are responsible for their day to day safety, care, and education. You are a key part of their development. Being involved in a child’s life during a daycare job is the greatest thing. Families trust and rely on you to care for their children while they go to their own jobs. And daycare years are vital years. For parents to trust you to make a difference in their child’s lives at this this stage is a great feeling. To know that you had something to do with the big kid, even the adult, they’ll become? It’s pretty cool to know you’re helping to make a difference in those kid’s lives.

It’s a Learning Experience

What? You thought the kids were the only ones learning on the job? No. Kids teach you something new every single day. In a daycare job, you will learn things you’d never imagine from how to change a dozen diapers in record time, to know how if you drizzle Elmer’s glue on all the crafts after the kids do their gluing, nothing will fall off later and cause tears. You will learn personalities. You will learn effective conversation skills with the adults. Believe it or not, working with kids can help you have better adult relationships. You’ll learn to appreciate the small things, to laugh at everything, to realize that everything is actually pretty simple. Also, kids have a lot to say when you just listen. You’d be amazed at what comes out of those little mouths!

Having a daycare job is awesome and of course, we speak from experience. Nothing quite compares with getting to work with kids every day. Are you interested in joining our team? We’d love to have you!