Top Things to Look for When Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

Every time you turn the corner, parenting throws another hurdle at you. If it’s not feeding the baby, it’s getting them to sleep. Now, it’s about how to find the right preschool for them. Let’s get into what you should be looking for to choose a preschool in Waterford or Goodrich with confidence.


At What Age Should my Child be in Preschool?

In Michigan, preschool is for children between the ages of three and five. Those preschoolers starting at age three must be four years old by November 1st of the school year.


What Questions Should You Ask the Preschool Before Registering?

It would help if you asked a potential preschool how they help preschoolers adapt to a new routine. You should also ask about the curriculum and how they engage in learning through play.

For example, at our two The Breakie Bunch locations (Waterford and Goodrich), we foster children’s learning in a rich classroom environment where they are encouraged to explore, make things, and solve problems while making friends and becoming more confident. In our curriculum, we teach preschoolers to read and write and how to do math, science, sensory exploration, sign language, and socialize with others.

Using hands-on activities helps children learn best. We give them many chances to get involved and learn in a way that works best for them. Please keep in mind that we try to make learning fun and make sure their childhood memories of The Breakie Bunch are full of laughter and smiles at the Waterford and Goodrich locations.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Fit for Your Preschooler

It’s important to know what the center’s hours of operation are (The Breakie Bunch hours are from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm M-F) and how this works relative to where you live and work. For example:


  • Proximity to home
  • Proximity to work
  • Distance between


Proximity to Home

How far from home will you have to go to get your preschooler to their program? The commute is essential to consider as you may not always be at work, or your work may change (hello, Great Resignation), and thus the location doesn’t work. However, it should be quick and easy to drop your preschooler off, so we’ve listened to parents and opened a second location in Goodrich to help make this easier (don’t worry, our Waterford location is still going strong).


Proximity to Work

Is the program you are exploring in the opposite direction of your commute to work? How will this impact your work schedule? How long will your preschooler be in the car if your center of choice is close to work but far from home?

Again, the commute is a particular consideration as not all children are fans of the car, and no one wants to add a trying commute with a screaming child into their daily schedule. If you work in Waterford but live in Goodrich, you can easily choose which location works best for you.


Distance Between Home, Work, and the Preschool Program


The daily commute is for both you and your preschooler, so you need to be comfortable with how much time you spend in the car. Keep in mind that for some, their preschool of choice may not include childcare, so you also need to consider how your preschooler is getting from one program to the other if that is what your situation requires.


What Are the Red Flags When Looking for a Preschool?


Red flags to note when looking for a preschool include:

  • No learning through play
  • Unsecure building
  • Inappropriate outdoor play space
  • Lack of communication


The first red flag is a program that does not understand that children learn through play and thus need both structured and unstructured playtime. Learning is a challenge for anyone, not just a preschooler, so they must have the freedom to express their full range of emotions as they learn. They will be more confident and secure when encouraged to express their feelings healthily, show respect for others, and experiment and explore.

Another red flag is how secure the building is. Can just anyone walk in, or do they have a system that only allows authorized parents and caregivers?

Is the outdoor play space fenced, or can a preschooler easily wander off? Is there adequate shade for those hot summer months in the outdoor space? Are the elements that exist in the outdoor space age-appropriate? A way to tell is if your preschooler can use all the equipment and play structures without assistance.

Another thing to look for is how the center communicates with parents. For example, we use Tadpole, an app that makes communication easy and allows us to send you pictures and videos, so you are consistently in the loop.


My Preschool has Red Flags! Now What?


If your preschool has red flags, then be sure to look at the other options that meet your criteria. To help with this, check out our centers in Goodrich and Waterford as solid options. Also, check out our objectives page to learn more about what your preschooler will be learning.


What are the Signs of a Good Preschool?

A good preschool has a location that works for you (such as being in Waterford or Goodrich if you’re nearby), a friendly, engaging staff, and a solid curriculum that supports your preschooler learning through play. Going beyond any licensing requirements, a good preschool also has age-appropriate content.

A good program makes your preschooler feel welcome, supported, and encouraged in their pursuits and can meet the child where they are. Additionally, the program should be able to incorporate the interests of the children to help further their understanding.


How to Feel Confident in Your Daycare Choice for your Preschooler

Parenting is full of challenges, and picking a preschool is no exception. To feel confident in the program you are putting your preschooler in, make sure you meet with the center and give your child time to explore. Bring a list of questions in case you get flustered and forget, and don’t be afraid to call either our Waterford or Goodrich location if there is anything you forgot to ask.

You and your preschooler should be comfortable and confident in your choice, and that’s how you’ll know it’s the right preschool for you.