Scheduling Your Summer: Three Ways to Keep the Fun Going All Summer Long

Kid laying in pool floatie

Are you looking to keep your family not only entertained but learning all summer? The first few weeks of summer can be relaxing, no alarm clocks or rushing around, but eventually, you’ll be itching to adopt some sort of routine again to keep everyone happy, learning, and, most importantly, having fun!


So, what are the secrets to scheduling your summer fun in a way that isn’t brutal for you as a parent or caregiver and is a summer your kids will be talking about once school is back in session? We’ve compiled three of our top tips that’ll help you schedule a successful summer of fun right here in Detroit and the surrounding areas including Waterford and Goodrich, too! Check out our list below:


  1. Adopt a flexible schedule early on
  2. Make a bucket list of local activities
  3. Check out local summer camp options


  1. Adopt A Flexible Schedule Early On

When you hear the words “schedule” and “summer” together in a sentence, it can sometimes be a cause for concern, especially for kids who might think a summer schedule will automatically translate to boring. However, that’s not the case! Adopting a flexible summer schedule can make your days and weeks less boring, allowing you to participate in all the events and local activities that Detroit Metro has to offer, especially in areas surrounding Waterford and Goodrich.

We love this simple idea that allows you to brainstorm with other parents and friends on Detroit-area activities that you’d like to try as a family. Maybe put some feelers out on Facebook and ask for a list of activities your friends love doing each summer in the Goodrich or Waterford area.

Kids eating popsicles

  1. Make A Bucket List of Local Activities

That brings us to our next point: making a list of local attractions and activities around the Detroit Metro that are must-dos or must-sees in the summer. Think of it as a summer bucket list. While you don’t have to cross everything off your list—it is summer, after all—there might be a few that you know your kids will love and need to go to the top of the list. Have you always wanted to camp out at the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area in Waterford? Why not add that to the schedule for one weekend this summer?


  1. Check Out Local Summer Camp Options

If you’ve got school-aged children and you need a fun place to send them during the day while you work, we think a summer camp is a great option! Not only will your children be learning each day through sensory activities, gross and fine motor skill-building activities, they’ll also be having lots of fun and making a ton of friends! We’re excited to offer a summer camp for campers ages 5-12 in both our Waterford and Goodrich locations, so no matter where you live in the Detroit Metro area, we have a convenient location for you and your children this summer!


Here at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center in Goodrich and Waterford, Michigan, we love helping you and your children make memories to last a lifetime—and that includes summertime! For more tips on making this summer the best yet, or to schedule a tour at either of our locations, contact us today!